Nicklas Bendtner Learns Valuable Poker Lesson After Losing £5.4 Million

Danish footballer Nicklas Bendtner has lost a fortune playing poker. He recently admitted to blowing over £5 million through the game.

However, Bendtner notes that losing this much has taught him a lesson about poker. The former Arsenal striker learned what stakes he can and can’t get away with playing.

No More High Stakes Poker in London

While on Arsenal, Bendtner became accustomed to playing in some of the biggest games throughout London. The 32-year-old spoke with the Independent about his poker problems.

“I lost a lot of money, an unrealistic amount,” he said on his reality show, Bendtner and Philine. “It’s hard to say how much it was in reality, but I’d estimate that it was almost 50 million Korona (£5.4m).

“It was something that I was always in control of and I simply betted big sums of money. Sometimes in London, things would get out of control on a night and things could really have ended badly.”

Nicklas is no longer playing for Arsenal and is back in Copenhagen now. He’s had time to reflect on his poker sessions and realizes that he should choose games more conservatively.

More on Bendtner’s Poker Career

Bendtner started playing poker when he was 19 years old. The striker, who stuck with Arsenal from 2004 to 2014, began upping his stakes in the mid-2000s.

The Dane didn’t elaborate on the details involving these games. However, he did note that things almost got out of control at times.

Lucky for him, he doesn’t regret playing in London’s biggest games. Bendtner also states that he was always able to afford the stakes he played.

“I wouldn’t say I’ve had a gambling problem at all. I’ve always been able to control it,” he said.

The fact that Bendtner earned $60,000 per week certainly helped him afford the high stakes. He also has various business interests that have kept him wealthy.

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