One-Armed Poker Dealer making Headlines

heather-schneck-poker-dealerFor some of us, including myself, dealing a deck of cards can be difficult enough with two arms…now imagine trying to do it with one arm. But amazingly, Heather Schneck has managed to be a successful poker dealer with her lone arm.

The Florida-based dealer lost her limb in a 2008 car crash. Since then she’s maintained an 8-to-5 IT job while moonlighting as a poker dealer at Cape Coral bars and bowling alleys.

Schneck’s dealer job is unique because she does it through the No-Limit Entertainment poker league. Winners receive a paid bar tab or gift certificates while Schneck’s wages come entirely through tips. And if there’s anybody who can make good money through tips alone, then it is definitely Schneck who frequently jokes with customers and has no qualms with humor about her arm.

“I’m her right-hand man,” a bar patron told USA Today while whacking non-existent drums. “Bah-dum-bump.” Schneck followed him up by saying, “If he hadn’t made the comment, I would have.”

The 36-year-old further showed her penchant for self-effacing humor with a t-shirt that read, “When I said, eat me…This is not what I had in mind!!”

It’s good that Schneck can joke these days because she went through some real trauma during the car wreck that severed her arm.

“The truck sliced into the vehicle like a can opener,” she said, while admitting that she can’t really remember anything from the crash. Heather also lost half her blood and flat-lined in the emergency room while her poker friends stood by in the waiting room. Luckily, she survived the ordeal and was playing poker again just 13 days later.

Not long afterward she was training to be a dealer, taking classes for her new future job. And while there was nothing in the classroom that could teach her to deal faster with just one arm, Schneck did learn enough to become an official dealer for No-Limit Entertainment. Now, through a combination of her IT job and dealer gig, she’s working to cover school loans, medical bills and save for a prosthetic limb.

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