Online Poker Etiquette

When it comes to playing poker online a lot of players just don’t seem to know how to behave. From making rude comments in chat to being inattentive during game play, it’s amazing how many online poker players don’t adhere to the rules of poker etiquette. If you are new to playing poker online then it is important to follow certain etiquette rules. By sticking to the following rules you can ensure the best possible online poker experience, whether you are playing free poker or playing for real money.

The first rule of poker etiquette concerns the chat box. Many players think that because their opponents can’t see them they can take extra liberties and be downright rude when chatting during a poker game. It is important to keep your language clean-no swearing! Additionally, don’t be rude or poke fun at the other players in the game and never comment on how another player should play a hand. In other words, treat the other players as you would want to be treated.

Pacing is also an important part of online poker etiquette. You should make all your moves in a timely fashion to keep the game moving. The longer it takes you to decide to bet, call, fold or raise the longer the other players will have to wait for the game to move forward. Make advance actions when you can and avoid slowing down the game.

If you adhere to these simple rules of poker etiquette then you can make the game more pleasant for yourself and your opponents.

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