Oscar Isaac to Star in Poker-Related Movie “The Card Counter”

Oscar Isaac, who plays Poe Dameron in the latest Star Wars reboot, has signed on to star in The Card Counter. Written and directed by Paul Schrader, this film is based on a military veteran and poker player.

Isaac will play the part of William Tell, a former soldier who now dedicates his time to playing poker. He’s doing quite well in poker until being approached by a young many named Cirk about a revenge plot. Cirk needs his aid in getting back at a crooked military colonel.

However, Tell convinces Cirk to come on the poker circuit with him instead. They visit various casinos and eventually set a goal of winning the World Series of Poker. However, Tell is pulled back into his past by Cirk and trouble ensues.

The Card Counter Features a Masterful Director

Paul Schrader is definitely the right person to lead this film. He’s considered one of the best directors and storytellers in the game. Gabrielle Stewart, managing directly of HanWay Films, spoke to Variety about what makes Schrader so great:

“Schrader is a master of economical and cinematic story-telling. This is essentially an unlikely and surprising three-hander that weaves together the entertaining world of gambling.

“A potent and personal revenge thriller; unafraid to ask some extremely current and uncomfortable questions. Isaac’s Tell is set to be a modern, iconic anti-hero, unmistakably drawn by this genius screenwriter.”

Some of Schrader’s top hits include “Taxi Driver,” “Raging Bull,” and “Affliction.” He could potentially be due for another big movie in The Card Counter.

It’s No Rounders – But The Card Counter Will Do

“Rounders” is considered the gold standard in poker movies. Since the 1998 film’s release, every other poker movie is compared to it.

The Card Counter doesn’t sound like a pure poker film. Instead, it seems like a drama with poker heavily mixed in.

That said, poker players may not love it as much as Rounders. But they might appreciate The Card Counter from a cinematic perspective.