Partypoker Finds Fewer Poker Bots on Their Network

Poker bots are often believed to be the biggest threat to online poker. Some think that artificial intelligence will overrun sites and ruin the game.

However, partypoker is proving that online poker rooms can successfully fight back. According to a recent report, they found the fewest number of bots since they began targeting AI in December 2018.

Partypoker officials reported finding just 16 bots in September. 13 of the bots came from the .com extension while three were found on the .eu extension. The site confiscated over $14,000 from these combined accounts.

Comparisons to Previous Bot Hunting Efforts

Partypoker’s crackdown on bots shows the reduction in AI accounts that they’re finding. In August, for example, they discovered 48 bot accounts and confiscated over $180,000. In July, they found a whopping 121 AI accounts.

To date, the network has discovered 665 bots in less than a year. They’ve taken a total of $1.1 million from these accounts and redistributed the money to affected players.

Goal to Be Safest Online Poker Site

Partypoker noticed the problem that bots posed early on. As a result, they set a lofty goal to become online poker’s safest network in late 2018.

So far, they’ve made more advancements than any other site in this regard. Their efforts have seen them grab a larger share of the internet poker market too.

After all, many players are fearful of running into bot-controlled accounts. AI has better skills than the average player and can grind for 24 hours a day.

Some poker sites are being overrun by bots. This is the primary reason why some wonder if AI will be online poker’s undoing.

But if every site put in the same effort as parytpoker, perhaps the industry can stop this problem before it destroys the game.

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