Partypoker Shuts Down 277 Bots – Gets $735k Back for Players

poker-botsPoker bots are becoming quite a problem in the online game. But Partypoker took a big step towards fixing this problem at their site by shutting down 277 bots between the first of the year and March 31, 2019.

Many poker sites are currently battling AI programs. However, few have given specifics on their success rate like party has. This online poker room has returned $734,852 of confiscated bot winnings to the victims.

Could Partypoker Have The Bot Issue Largely Solved?

Poker pro Patrik Leonard spoke on behalf of his sponsor regarding the AI issue. He noted that those using bots might want to look elsewhere from now on:

“I’m very confident now that they can tackle people trying to play against the rules. In my opinion it isn’t worth somebody trying to bend the rules because, in the words of Liam Neeson: ‘they will find you, they will catch you and they will.. ban you.'”

Partypoker is asking players to help with this matter by reporting any suspicious activity. Doing so will give the party team a better chance of catching AI users.

Bots Still a Problem Across Online Poker

Party seems to be doing quite well at keeping AI at bay. However, the rest of the internet poker world still has a lot of work to do in minimizing this problem.

Several sites have had issues with monitoring bots. The key dilemma is that developers have gotten better at producing AI that can actually win at various stakes.

Many believe that bots are currently the biggest threat to online poker. Sites must develop better methods of catching these programs so that players don’t get discouraged.

Perhaps some poker rooms will take a cue from party on how to deal with the matter. After all, partypoker seems to be leading the pack in this area.

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