Phil Hellmuth Wins Tennis Prop Bet – Based on Returning Pro’s Serve

phil-hellmuth-pokerPhil Hellmuth may be a great poker player. But he’s far from an athlete in the traditional sense.

Regardless, Hellmuth was willing to make a prop bet based on his ability to return a tennis pro’s serve.

He wagered $7,000 that he could return an 80 mph serve at least once in 20 tries. He bet another $2,000 to win $16,000 (8:1 odds) that he could win a point against the professional.

Hellmuth Does Better than Expected

Few gave the Poker Brat much of a chance to return a pro’s tennis serve. Even with the serve being maxed at 80 mph — rather than the 100 mph standard — he was at a severe disadvantage.

Nevertheless, Phil managed to get his racket on a few balls in the early going. Here’s a look at some of the attempts along with how he fared in returning them:

You can see that Hellmuth was just a few feet away from keeping the last shot in play.

Then the unthinkable happened: Hellmuth not only returned a serve, but also managed to win a point. You can see that he drops a short shot, and the pro muffs the return:

Hellmuth Successful in Another Prop Bet

Phil Hellmuth is no stranger to winning prop bets with fellow poker players. Last year, he made a $1,000 wager (10:1 odds) with Doug Polk on his ability to make a three-pointer in one shot.

Hellmuth may be 6’8″, but Polk wasn’t counting on the Poker Brat being much of a basketball player. His form doesn’t look great on the three-pointer. But it’s good enough to sink the shot and win $10,000.

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