Phil Ivey Website under Construction

One of the strangest things in all of poker is that the best player doesn’t have his own website. However, all of this is about to change since Phil Ivey currently has a website under construction right now. And it’s about time since there are plenty of no-name online poker players who have their own site. So why doesn’t one of the most famous players have a site?

The website should be pretty popular because it’s supposed to offer strategy and training videos from Ivey, who up until now has never gotten into the poker strategy game. In the past, Ivey said that he didn’t want to offer any strategy books or videos because he doesn’t want people to know how he plays. And with $18 million in online cash game winnings and $13.8 million in live tournament winnings, it’s not like he needs the money from offering a strategy-based website…..or does he.

Ivey reportedly lost a lot of money last year when he and his wife got divorced, so he might be looking for an additional source of revenue. Sure he owns a small part of Full Tilt and continues to amass big poker winnings, but he also lives one of the most expensive lifestyles out of any pro. For one thing, Ivey is constantly flying around the world to different destinations in search of big cash games. Secondly, he makes massive sports bets on a regular basis such as the $1 million Super Bowl bet he once made.

In any case, a lot of people are excited about Ivey’s website because they’re interested in seeing what he has to offer. And if it’s even a fraction of what Ivey knows, players are sure to get their money’s worth.


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