Tips for Building Your Poker Bankroll

If you are playing poker online for real money, one of the most important things is your poker bankroll. You need money to play the game and you don’t want to wind up in a constant cycle of depositing money, losing it all, depositing more and losing it all again and again. The following tips can help you build your bankroll and keep from running it right back into the ground.

For starters, you’ll want to start building your bankroll in your every day life before you start to play poker for real money. Put aside a little bit every week and once you have a good amount start using it to play poker. Keep in mind that your poker money will be used only to play poker and that you will never break into your non-poker bank account to play poker. If you want to avoid big losses it’s important to keep your poker money separate from the rest of your money.

When you are playing real money games it is important to choose betting limits that match your bankroll. If you play at a high limit table with a tiny bankroll it will be gone before you know it. As a rule of thumb, play at limits that you could afford at least 200 big blinds in. When it comes to tournaments, never enter a tournament with a buy-in that is more than 1% of your bankroll.

If you stick to these simple tips you can build a strong poker bankroll and hold on to it.

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