Domain on Sale for $20 Million

poker-com-sale-20-millionThe owners of have put this domain name on sale for $20 million. This lofty price currently makes the world’s fourth most expensive domain, behind ($35.6m), ($35m), and ($30.18m).

It’s highly unlikely that this item will fetch anywhere near the neighborhood of $20 million. For starters, poker is long past its boom era.

Another mark against this expensive price tag is that domain names no longer carry the heavy significance they once did in search engine optimization. But this hasn’t stopped the owners, Inc., from asking for a massive fortune.

What does Do?

A quick visit to reveals that this site is an affiliate for a number of internet poker rooms. However, the owners haven’t been very active with the contents, given that the most recent news story was produced in 2015.

Those looking to buy this poker portal can visit NameJet, an auctioneer that’s currently listing other sites like for $5 million, for $30k and for $5k.

Assuming doesn’t sell at its list price within the next few weeks, it will be sold at a live auction during NameJet’s Las Vegas event on January 30th.

How does Rank in Comparison to Other Top Domain Prices?

If sold at its current asking price, would easily become the most expensive gambling-related domain since and each sold for $5.5 million in 2003 and 2010.

Here’s a look at the highest asking prices of all time for internet domain names:

1. ($35.6m)
2. ($35m)
3. ($30.18m)
4. ($18m)
5. ($17m)
6. ($16m)
7. (£9.99m)
8. ($13m)
9. ($11m)
10. ($9.5m)

What Kind of Traffic is Getting?

Besides what I discussed before, other roadblocks to Inc. selling their valued property include the website traffic. According to SimilarWeb, is only ranked 829,543 in the world in terms of traffic.

The last time this domain was sold was 1999, when Inc. purchased it for $100,000 and a 4% share of continued profits to the seller, UniNet Technology Inc. was an actual online poker site on the Merge network for a short while. They also heavily promoted (now .ag) several years ago. But they’ve been a general affiliate for multiple sites in recent years.

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