Poker Fight Breaks Out at King’s Casino Rozvadov

King’s Casino Rozvadov is currently hosting the Balkan Poker Circuit Main Event. Everything seemed to be going according to plan as far as live poker tournaments go.

However, a fight broke out in the later stages of the tourney. As shown in the video below, a group of players began fist-fighting and swinging chairs.

Fortunately, King’s Casino is a large and well-funded establishment that had plenty of security guards on hand. The latter quickly broke up the fight before too many people got hurt.

No Reason Given for the King’s Casino Poker Brawl

It’s obvious that flaring tempers caused the fight to break out. However, no specific cause has been pinpointed for why the brawl started.

The €175 Balkan Poker Circuit Main Event drew over 2,000 entries. One of the players who entered was right near the fight when it started. He wrote about the experience on TwoPlusTwo.

“As if out of nowhere, a player got up and hit another player in the head five times or more,” the 2+2 member wrote. “The blood is spattered all over the table.

“The victim fell over and the offender continued to hit him. Four other players fought with each other. After that, the security team arrested the offender.”

This Fight Shouldn’t Affect King’s Casino Too Badly

The incident described above seems like it could be from a Wild West poker game. Again, though, the King’s Casino Rozvadov staff was quick to pull the perpetrators apart and restore peace.

Located in the Czech Republic, not far from the German border, King’s Casino has become the premier poker venue in Europe. It has hosted the WSOP Europe since 2017 and regularly draws large numbers to tournaments.

Of course, King’s Casino had to close down during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, it’s been running since May and is now holding live tournaments again.