Poker Lawyer Mac VerStandig Files $5.9m Lawsuit Against Skillz Inc.

Lawyer Mac VerStandig is currently leading a $30 million lawsuit against vilified poker cheater Mike Postle and Stones Gambling Hall. That case has been tossed for now, but VerStandig has an opportunity to amend the lawsuit and refile it.

Mac has now dove into another case involving the gaming community. This time, he’s leveled a $5.9 million lawsuit against Skillz Inc⁠—a gambling site that offers various skill-based games.

What Is the Skillz Lawsuit About?

Gamblers John Prignano and Alyssa Ball claim that Skillz Inc. (owner of has failed to pay out a collective $1.5 million. The lawsuit has been leveled at company CEO, Andrew Paradise.

Prignano alleges that the website withheld a prize that he legitimately earned and then changed the terms and conditions. He claims that, under the gambling site’s VIP plan, he should’ve been able to buy a Porshe Boxster ($60k value) with his points.

In addition to denying him the prize, also seized Prignano’s bankroll and closed his account. The gambler had $280,000 in his account when it was shut down.

Ball Detected Cheating

Alyssa Ball claims to have reported a potential cheater to She also demanded that the site return $650,000 in losses that she incurred. Prignano believes he lost $950,000 to the same suspected cheat.

Skillz Inc. merely issued a warning to the player in question. However, they didn’t confiscate any funds from the questionable gambler nor reimburse Ball or Prignano.

VerStandig is now seeking $5.9 million on the players’ behalves. Much of the amount is for emotional and financial damages suffered after the fact.

Skillz Claims that Ball and Prignano Cheated has turned the tables in its legal response. They allege that the victims are actually the aggressors in this situation.

The site claims that Prignano and Ball colluded to win prizes and money. Skillz Inc. also alleges to have taken their money for violations of terms and conditions. The next round of legal proceedings in this case will happen in July.

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