Poker Pro Brad Booth Reported Missing

Former high-stakes poker pro Brad Booth has been reported missing. Adam Schwartz, who runs the DAT Poker Podcast, broke the news that a police report has been filed on Booth’s disappearance. Schwartz tweeted about Booth to make the poker community aware of the situation.

According to friends, Booth was last seen in Reno. He packed up items and said that he was going camping for an unspecified amount of time.

Booth Has Been Playing Poker in Reno

Brad Booth was once a well-known high-stakes pro. He became famous for his appearances on High Stakes Poker in the 2000s.

These days, though, the Canadian is playing lower stakes. His bankroll took a hit following the UB Poker scandal of the mid-2000s—something that he’s never recovered from to this date.

“Yukon Brad” had been playing poker in the Reno area. He was last spotted at the Grand Sierra Resort Casino in the World’s Biggest Little City.

After packing minimal items, Booth told his roommate that he was going camping. However, the roommate didn’t feel that Booth had enough items to last him more than a couple of days.

Struggles Since High Stakes Poker

Booth earned the nickname Yukon Brad by grinding from small-stakes tables in the Yukon Territory to playing in Las Vegas’ biggest cash games.

He once played up to $2,000/$4,000 limits at Bobby’s Room inside of the Bellagio. Booth claims he played so much poker at that point that he lived inside the Bellagio for four months and only went outside four times.

Unfortunately, Booth’s luck went south when he was ripped off in a massive UB Poker scandal. Booth lost millions of dollars and never recovered emotionally or financially.

He went through a scandal of his own doing in 2012. Booth received a $28,000 loan from Doug Polk and proceeded to lose all of the money gambling while never repaying Polk.

In a recent interview, Booth said that he was trying to grind back up the limits again and pay off old debts. Little has been heard about him since, until now.