Poker Pro Dan Bilzerian Considers 2024 Presidential Run

Dan Bilzerian made his name through poker and raunchy Instagram posts. Now, he’s hoping to parlay this fame into a presidential run in the 2024 election.

Bilzerian floated the idea while speaking with TMZ. The gossip outlet asked him about Kanye West’s hopes to become president in the 2024 election. It’s at this point that Bilzerian discussed competing against Kanye and others for the Oval Office.

“I mean, better than Hillary [Clinton],” Bilzerian said regarding Kanye’s chances. “I think he’s going to be running against me, we’ll see.”

Would Bilzerian Really Run in the 2024 Election?

This TMZ report is the first time that Bilzerian has been linked to running for president. Some wondered if he could just be joking about the matter.

However, the “King of Instagram” made additional comments suggesting that he may be entirely serious about the matter.

“2024, I think that’ll be enough time to get my shit done,” he said. “I hope I’m not running against him!”

TMZ Originally Asked Bilzerian About Poker

The conversation between TMZ and Bilzerian was originally sparked by a question about the craziest poker game he’d played.

“The guy’s actually dead right now,” said Bilzerian, “so, that was probably the craziest one.”

Bilzerian has made plenty of crazy statements about poker games before. Just this year, he claimed to have pioneered the loose-aggressive (LAG) style that has become commonplace among professional players today. He also said that he’s made $54 million off a single opponent.

Sometimes it can be hard to separate fact from fiction when it comes to Bilzerian’s poker career. But he no doubt lives a wild lifestyle.

Just last year, he took a trip to Armenia and fired weapons in a disputed area for fun. Azerbaijan authorities demanded that Interpol arrest Bilzerian for the incident.

“Blitz” claimed that Azerbaijan was motivated by politics rather than justice. Nothing has happened with the case so far.

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