Poker Pro Irene Carey Finds Bots at Americas Cardroom

Bots are always a concern in online poker. And poker pro Irene Carey believes that she may have found potential bot activity at Americas Cardroom.

Career, who plays under “ShillinAintEasy,” tweeted videos of hands played by “ChicagoIllinoisUSA.” The videos show the latter playing questionable hands on the final table of a $6,000 event at Americas Cardroom.

After finishing 9th place in the tournament, Carey stated:

“He doesn’t open buttons. He doesn’t defend (his big blind).

“I have 4,240 hands on him and his VPIP is 16%, his postflop is 1.6%. I’ve never seen postflop like that, meaning he doesn’t see a flop often. It’s just all-in pre.”

More Evidence on Poker Bots

Carey continued her rant by noting that ChicagoIllinoisUSA three-bet large amounts of chips during three-handed play far too often. Most of the three bets were for over 45 big blinds.

She also noted that ChicagoIllinoisUSA’s Sharkscope graph reveals a profit of $32,982 in 10,584 games. Their average buy-in is $19, and they show a large upswing over the last 6,000 contests.

“There are no players who are profitable and have no downswings on ACR,” Carey pointed out. “All regs, good regs, have tons of downswings.”

Carey’s tweets don’t guarantee that ChicagoIllinoisUSA is a bot. However, they definitely point out a statistical anomaly that looks extremely suspicious.

ACR Known for Poker Bots

This isn’t the first time that Americas Cardroom has dealt with bot allegations. In 2017, many players claimed that Russian-linked bot accounts were plaguing the site.

Poker YouTuber Joey Ingram got into a heated debate with ACR CEO Phil Nagy over the matter. The site later announced that they’d banned nearly four dozen accounts that were identified as bots and gave refunds to affected players.

The ACR Twitter account gave thanks to Carey for pointing out another possible bot. They stated that security is handling the matter.

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