FOX creating Poker Sitcom starring Ryan Reynolds

Hollywood star Ryan Reynolds is most recently known for his spur of the moment marriage with actress Blake Lively. The two were secretly dating, and suddenly decided to tie the knot – much to the public’s surprise. This being said, Reynolds has brought quite a bit of publicity to his latest project, which will be a poker sitcom on FOX.

With a suitable title of “All In,” the actor will be portraying the main character, Tommy Vigorish. Tommy is a compulsive gambler working his way back into poker with “help from family, unless the help involves them giving Tommy money.” We can only conclude that the back story here centers on Vigorish blowing family members’ money in the past.

Anyways, it seems like All In has some good minds working behind the scenes. The pilot episode was written by Allan Loeb, who is also responsible for Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps, Just Go With It and Rock of Ages. Seeing as how many people enjoyed Loeb’s previous screenplays, it’s a solid bet that we can expect more quality work from him on this project.

Since poker is a male-dominated game, All In will most likely hold a large male audience. However, with heartthrob Ryan Reynolds as the lead character, the poker show will have much more appeal to the female audience too. So if you’re a guy who’s trying to convince his girlfriend or wife to watch All In with you, just drop Reynolds’ name.

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