PokerNews vs. PokerTube over “Stolen” Videos

pokernews-vs-pokertube-video-piracyA huge battle has erupted in the poker community and, no, it’s not Daniel Negreanu blasting Annie Duke again, players calling out Erick Lindgren over unpaid sports bets, or Mike Matusow cursing out some random at his table. This time, two media outlets in and are going at it over alleged stolen intellectual property.

The matter first surfaced when Editor Lance Bradley tweeted this back in June: “Blows my mind that @pokertube thinks it’s okay to steal content from other poker media outlets incl @bluffmagazine @wsop @poker_prod @espn”

Well, this caused a little dent, but PokerNews’ Matthew Parvis recently opened a much-larger wound when he tweeted: “We as an industry need to stand together against @pokertube’s continuous abuse of intellectual property. Please RT.”

Parvis’ tweet spilled over on to TwoPlusTwo, when Allen “The Chainsaw” Kessler started a thread that’s quickly grown over the past few days.

The central argument is between PokerNews and PokerTube owner/maligned affiliate Jamie Nevin over the boundaries and responsibilities of a tube site. Furthermore, PokerNews and other outlets don’t appreciate how PokerTube uploads their videos without permission, sometimes puts their emblem on the videos, and is allegedly slow to deal with users who upload copyrighted content. Pretty much sounds like Nevin is the devil and PokerTube is the cyber portal to hell, right?

To be fair, Nevin appears on the 2p2 thread and makes some valid points while defending his position. Key points of Nevin’s argument include that PokerTube always responds to requests to remove videos, people cannot request to have content removed that they do not own (i.e. PokerNews saying High Stakes Poker vids should be taken down), nobody has a valid legal case against them, and they helped publicize some guy named Mark Hoke.

There’s actually a lot more to the argument, including squabbling between 2p2 owner Mason Malmuth and Nevin, a very short ban for Nevin, and an appearance by Parvis. So grab some Doritos (not those nasty All Nighter Cheeseburger-flavored ones, though), set aside half an hour or so, check out the full thread and decide for yourself who’s in the right and wrong.

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