Poker’s Rich Alati Locking Himself in Dark Bathroom for $100k Bet

rich-alati-poker-prop-betPoker pro Rich Alati has been living in a dark bathroom since November 21. Assuming he can last until December 21, he stands to win a $100,000 prop bet.

Rory Young is betting the $100k against Alati’s  ability to last in the bathroom for 30 days. Making matters more difficult is that Alati only has a bed and bathtub to keep him company.

“The conditions are complete darkness, so no electronics, no light-emitting devices, no drugs of any kind,” Young explained.

Alati Has Some Luxury Perks Available

Having to live in complete darkness for a month with no entertainment sounds extremely depressing. However, Alati does have the use of a few luxuries.

“He has pretty lavish toiletries like Epsom salts, sugar scrubs, that kind of stuff,” said Young.

Alati’s food will be delivered irregularly, making it harder for him to tell the time. Young made this stipulation to ensure the challenge is more difficult to complete. The one solace, though, is that Alati will get whatever kind of food he wants.

Alati’s Family Is Worried

Rich Alati’s family and friends can check out how he’s doing via livestream. But Atali won’t have any communication with the outside world. This makes it perfectly understandable why his family is worried about the bet.

“They tried to get him to not do it but he doesn’t listen to anybody but himself,” Young said.

“She (Alati’s sister) tried very hard to get him to pull out and he wasn’t having it. She’s pretty worried.”

The poker player’s father is also wondering how his son will do.

“I’m definitely concerned,” said Mr. Alati. “But I chose to focus on the positive, wishing for a successful completion of the wager.

“I gave him a chance to talk me through it and hear him out … He’s in a profession where they do things that other people wouldn’t do.”

Alati currently has just under two weeks left to last in the dark bathroom in order to receive the $100,000.

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