PokerStars Cancels Live Euro Tournaments Due to Coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic is affecting many sectors of business and entertainment. Poker hasn’t been immune to the virus outbreak either.

Case in point, PokerStars has cancelled three upcoming live Euro tournaments as a precautionary measure. They fear that having too many players crowded next to each other could increase the spread of infection.

Which PokerStars Live Euro Events Are Cancelled?

PokerStars has cancelled scheduled tournament events that were set to take place in France, Germany, and Spain within the next few weeks.

  • Hamburg (Germany) Mar. 10-15
  • La Grand Motte (France) Mar. 10-15
  • Madrid Gran Via (Spain) Mar. 31 to Apr. 5

The Stars Group, their parent company, is taking a wait-and-see approach with the pandemic. Assuming they feel that the coronavirus spread slows considerably, they plan to resume Euro events on April 10, 2020.

Some European countries, including Italy, are really struggling with the virus outbreak. Italy has already seen hundreds die from COVID-19, and this number seems likely to reach into the thousands. The Boot is on lockdown in an effort to stop the spread.

What to Expect in the Future with PokerStars Live Tournaments

PokerStars no doubt went back and forth on whether to cancel events that would’ve drawn thousands of players. They weren’t under any legal obligation to stop the tournaments in France, Spain, and Germany either.

Nevertheless, they made the responsible decision in hopes of getting their PokerStars Live series back on track in the future.

Speaking of which, they could very well be running tournaments in mid or late April. Much depends upon how bad the virus outbreak is across the world.

Of course, some worry that the World Series of Poker could be cancelled this year. If this happens, then COVID-19 will have probably spread to the point where it cancels live tourneys until later in the year.

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