PokerStars continues Asian Push – Signs Chen-An Lin and Yaxi Zhu

chen-lin-yaxi-zhuLooking at the title, you might be wondering just who in the hell Chen-An Lin and Yaxi Zhu are. Well, apparently PokerStars knows who they both are because the world’s largest poker site has signed them to sponsorship deals. These aren’t the biggest names in the game, but they do fit Stars’ push into the Asian market. That said, let’s discuss Lin and Zhu more along with their career highlights.

Chen-An Lin

Taiwanese poker pro Chen-An Lin has accumulated $216,571 in live tournaments. His biggest career accomplishment includes winning the 2014 Macau Poker Cup along with $49,118. Lin also won a 2011 APPT Macau side event ($29,318) and finished sixth place in the 2015 Macau Poker Cup ($26,651). He’s used Taiwan’s close location to China to compete and cash in a number of other events around the country.

As for his use to PokerStars, it’s unclear why Stars chose him above other Taiwanese players – particularly Hui “KItty” Chen-Kuo, a cute girl who leads the country with $844,162 in live winnings. But I’m sure that Stars knows the poker sponsorship world far better than I do.

Yaxi Zhu

Hailing from China, Zhu has collected $252,280 on the live tourney scene. Last December she picked up a huge victory at the Eureka 4 Prague event ($147,980) and also tallied a notable 12th-place finish in the 2014 APPT Asia Championship of Poker ($52,352).

Like Kitty Chen-Kuo, Zhu is also a nice-looking woman, which used to be an easier route to pick up sponsorship deals. Sexism aside, what really sticks out about her is how quickly she’s managed to earn so much money. Zhu’s first live cash came in February 2014, and she already has $252k-plus in cashes. That said, it’ll be interesting to follow her career and see what she does in the future.

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