Top Revelations from Antonio Esfandiari’s Reddit AMA Session

antonio-esfandiari-magicAntonio Esfandiari is one of those rare poker pros who’s both lived a fascinating life and has experienced massive, long-term success. So it’s little surprise that Esfandiari was a big draw when he recently did a Reddit “Ask Me Anything” session. Some of the most-interesting revelations to come from this….a lost prop bet to Don Cheadle, being cheated in a mafia poker game, Esfandiari’s take on a poker shot clock and his poor record in online poker. That said, let’s look at some intriguing answers that Esfandiari offered.

Q: What is your biggest loss in poker? Financially or, you know, body parts etc.

Antonio: Don Cheadle and I played a heads up match where if I lost, I had to do a full blown magic show at his house in a top hat for him and his guests. If I won, he had to come over and cook for me and up to 25 of my guests in a chef’s apron. Of course I lost, and now I owe him a magic show.

Q: That final table seemed very tight. Will we see a shift or is that style inherently what gets you to the final table?

Antonio: The best fix is a shot clock much like they had in the Super High Roller Bowl. My stance is to ban anything that hides you. All for it. The Super High Roller Bowl banned hoodies and sunglasses as well.
It’s been proven time and time again that aggressive poker is the way to go. I don’t expect to see people tighten up.

Q: Was there any stage in your life when you honed your game by grinding online? If not, why not?

Antonio: No, I was an online fish. Online was just never my thing. I don’t like playing when I can’t see my opponents.

Q: I guess high stakes home games can be a bit risky and dangerous sometimes if you’re in touch with some wrong people. What is your worst home game experience?

Antonio: I got cheated once in a mafia game. I paid my loss, never said a word, and never went back.

Check out the rest of Antonio Esfandiari’s AMA session here.

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