Salomon “Hashtag King” Ponte: Victim of Poker Room Assault?

salomon-ponte-poker-assaultSalomon Ponte, a controversial poker pro who’s never afraid to speak his mind, is rumored to be the victim of a June 9 assault.

Ponte, a.k.a. “Hashtag King,” was allegedly playing in an illegal poker room in Richmond Hill, Canada (suburban Toronto). It’s unclear whether the victim is Ponte because they’ve been blurred out of a police surveillance video.

The suspect can easily be seen in a video of the assault. But police in the Toronto area are having trouble identifying the man.

The York Regional Police Department stated that they’ve “exhausted all leads” and “appealing to the public for assistance to identify [the perpetrator].”

Police were called after the assault happened. And they found Ponte “suffering from serious injuries.” He was taken to the hospital for treatment after the brawl.

A police statement read: “Investigators have been able to determine that the victim attended the gaming den and was confronted by the suspect regarding an outstanding debt who proceeded to assault him.”

The beating is allegedly the result of Ponte owing the suspect a large gambling debt and failing to pay on time.

Police have described the suspect as a man of Middle-Eastern decent who stands 6’3″ tall. Anybody with information on the suspect is asked to call York police at 1-866-876-5423, ext. 7241.

No Confirmation on whether Ponte Is the Victim

At this point, everything revolving around Ponte being the assault victim is purely conjecture.

Forum posters believe that he is the victim, though, because he’s the same age and from the Toronto area. Ponte also has a controversial profile that could land him in this sort of situation.

More on Salomon Ponte

Ponte has won $400,998 in live poker tournaments to date. He’s also appeared on the streamed show Poker Night in America.

Ponte lost all of his money in the $25/$50 game and asked the table to stake him afterward.

The Canadian also insulted another player’s wife. And he continually demanded that Doug Polk, another player in the game, play him for $1 million in a heads-up match.

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