Sam Tricket Reveals £30 Million Poker Fortune

sam-tickett-pokerSam Trickett has seen plenty of ups and downs in poker. In fact, he’s seen enough downs to where his family and bank managers asked him to quit playing the game.

But the Brit ignored their advice much to his own advantage. He’s now £30 million richer as a result of his perseverance.

Trickett spoke with the DailyStar about his poker career, revealing both the high and low points of his career. He admits to losing as much as £1 million per day, which is why people asked him to stop playing.

“My dad was really anti-gambling at the time,” says Trickett.

“I went broke a couple of times and my bank manager sat me down and told me to stop. It was hard because I knew they’d be right in other situations.”

Why did Trickett Keep Playing?

Trickett listened to what those around him had to say regarding poker. And he even felt “nervous even when there are millions on the line.” But what kept him going through it all was the belief that he’s always had an edge.

“But I could see there was money to be made because poker is a skill game,” explains Trickett. “I knew in the long run I’d end up with money.

“I had to go against what everyone said, which did upset my family. It took a while before they understood.”

Balancing Poker and Life

It’s hard for Trickett to live a normal live. This is especially true when considering that he’s won as much as £7.6 million in a single day of playing cash games.

But these days, he’s found the perfect balance between playing high stakes poker and living a regular life. Furthermore, he’s now married and living well with all of his money.

“I’m married now too, which means I’m content. I guess I still don’t respect money as much as I should. I’m a sucker when it comes to material things.”

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