Search for Missing Poker Pro Johannes Strassmann takes Eerie Twist

One recent and disturbing poker story involves the disappearance of Johannes Strassmann. The German high stakes poker pro was in Slovenia’s capital city, Ljubljana, to visit some friends. But he reportedly disappeared down an alley on June 21st and hasn’t been heard from since.

Slovenian authorities have launched a full-on investigation into the matter and are looking for any leads on his disappearance. Strassmann’s friends have also been frantically looking for him in Ljubljana and the surrounding area. Two of his buddies, Nace Panic and Duc Ngo, may have caught a break in the case. Here’s a look at what they wrote on Facebook:

Super intesive action going on someone in the forest responded when friends called out for him by name in english with german acent : “i m here , i m hungry” then vanished when they went to look in direction of the sound but there was noone, so exstensive search is goin on now..helicopters again lots of police with lots of dogs.. Lets hope for the best , i ll keep u updated..

Strassman, who has over $1.5 million in live tournament winnings, has been missing for about a week now. Those close to him were worried when police pulled an unidentified and swollen body from the river. But after doing some DNA testing, Slovenian authorities were able to determine that this wasn’t him.

Police have been searching the woods where the eerie occurrence of somebody responding to calls for Strassmann happened. Since that time, there’s been no update in the case. But we can only hope that the German poker player is found alive and well in the near future.

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