Surviving Bad Beats In Poker

Nobody, even the best professional poker players in the world, wins all the time. Everyone has bad beats now and then. However, it doesn’t pay to quit completely just because you have a losing streak. Just play through, wait for it to pass and you’ll start winning again eventually.

How do you keep a positive attitude when nothing seems to be going your way at the poker table? For some players the best way to get over a bad beat is to just stick with it, use smart strategy and wait for a win. When you win one hand your spirits should lift and the positive attitude will help you win again and again.

Other players just can’t focus when they are on a losing streak. If you are one of these types of players then continuing to play high stakes games will only eat away at your bankroll. A good way to get through your bad beat without taking a chunk out of your poker bankroll is to start playing free poker or very low stakes poker game until you get back on track. This is a great way to keep your skills polished and avoid bigger losses. Once you start feeling better about your game you can go back to the high stakes games.

Just remember, everyone goes through losing streaks every now and then, but everyone gets out of them. Try to keep a positive attitude and you’ll see that your next winning streak is right around the corner.

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