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Alex Dreyfus talks VIP Changes at PokerStars

Monday, December 21st, 2015

alex-dreyfus-global-poker-leagueThe biggest topic in the online poker world remains the changes that PokerStars made to their VIP program. Many high-volume grinders are angry because the Supernova Elite level will be gone next year, and mid/high-stakes rewards won’t be given out either. Since the changes, many people surrounding the poker community have been asked to give their take on the matter. And Global Poker Index founder Alex Dreyfus is the latest interesting poker figure to join the discussion.

Appearing on ChicagoJoey’s podcast, Dreyfus said that this is a very broad topic – ranging from the actual changes to the communication between PokerStars and their players. But he did give some definite opinions on the subject.

“I do believe that it’s their right to change everything that they’ve done,” said Dreyfus. “But these rights come with a duty to be a bit more transparent than the communication that they’ve done. The price changing, the rake changing, it’s really their business if they want.”

The Frenchman continued to say that he doesn’t blame PokerStars, but rather the nature of the industry for the changes they had to make. However, he does believe that everything could have been communicated much better.

“The only thing I’m disappointed about is the way the Supernova Elite was handled because I don’t think it was fair – and it was a mistake. And they apologized, it’s not very often that you have a multi-billion dollar company apologize, so I think that has to be noticed.”

Being a poker entrepreneur rather than a player, it’s interesting to hear Dreyfus’ views on the big PokerStars VIP changes. And you can see more on what he has to say about the subject below, which begins around the 41:00 mark.