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Coronavirus Continues Boosting Online Poker Traffic Worldwide

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2020

The coronavirus has forced many people to rethink their entertainment options. Those wanting to minimize their exposure to this potentially deadly virus are finding ways to stay busy at home.

Online poker has become one of the more-popular entertainment methods during the COVID-19 pandemic. Internet poker play hasn’t quite reached pre-boom levels (2003 – 2006), but it’s definitely much higher than before the pandemic began.

PokerStars Boosts Guarantees to Capitalize

PokerStars, the world’s largest online poker site, is taking advantage of the increased amount of people who are shut in. They’ve boosted guaranteed prize pools for some of their biggest events, including the Sunday Million.

The Sunday Million has historically offered a $1 million guaranteed prize pool. However, Stars increased this amount to $3 million last weekend.

24,686 players paid the initial $109 buy-in to compete in this event. This tourney racked up 8,998 re-entries for a total of 33,684 entries.

This large number of players pushed the total prize pool to $3,368,400. It also increased the winner’s prize to $237,093.

Other Poker Sites Also Benefiting from Coronavirus

Nobody should laud the advantages they gain from a deadly pandemic. However, online poker rooms can’t help but notice their increased traffic and revenue.

The Irish Poker Open, in partnership with partypoker, moved their longtime live tournament online this year. While this move might have broken tradition, it also drew a record 2,945 players.

The amount of entrants is all the more impressive when considering how 1,807 players competed in last year’s Irish Open.

888poker, Grosvenor Poker, Adda52, Americas Cardroom, and BetOnline are among the many poker sites that have seen higher traffic during the pandemic. ACR even held a charity tournament to benefit Feeding America during this troubling time.

With COVID-19 threatening to remain in society for the foreseeable future, online poker will continue providing a popular entertainment option.

Rounders Writer Brian Koppelman Wants Online Poker Legal Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

Monday, March 9th, 2020

The coronavirus (COVID-19) is starting to spread throughout the United States. Some poker rooms have already shut down and others are prepared to follow suit.

Brian Koppelman, one half of the screenwriting duo for Rounders, believes that this is the perfect time to legalize US online poker. He tweeted the following regarding this matter:

How Would Online Poker Help with the Coronavirus?

Some states and cities are beginning to lock down their areas. As China has shown, lockdowns can help stop the spread of the virus and keep infected numbers lower.

Of course, people get bored sitting at home with nothing to do. Some will no doubt turn to online poker and other forms of legal internet gambling to pass the time.

The main problem, though, is that the US doesn’t offer legal online poker on a federal level. Instead, they leave it up to each state to decide if the game should be legal.

A handful of states have regulated internet poker since 2012. However, the US legal iPoker market hasn’t produced much fruit so far.

Regulating the game on a federal level would give people more to do during the coronavirus outbreak. They’d be encouraged to stay home as a result.

Not Enough Time to Pass Laws and Get Online Poker Running

While Koppelman presents a good idea, his hopes will likely fall short. Politicians are currently dealing with many serious issues related to the coronavirus.

They probably could care less to look at online poker legislation within the next few months. Even if they did pass a bill, it could take months before federally approved sites are up and running.

Long story short, the coronavirus is unlikely to motivate states to legalize internet poker. Therefore, many will just play on offshore sites to pass the time.