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Daniel Negreanu Wins WSOP Player of the Year – Despite Not Winning Any Bracelets

Tuesday, November 5th, 2019

Daniel Negreanu has won the 2019 WSOP Player of the Year. Having also won this title in 2004 and 2013, Negreanu becomes the only three-time WSOP Player of the Year in history.

Kid Poker barely edged out Shaun Deeb for the honor this year. Deeb was knocked out of the WSOP Europe €550 Colossus earlier than expected, thus sealing the title for Negreanu.

Besides being the only player to have three WSOP POYs, Negreanu is also the first person to capture this honor without also winning a gold bracelet.

Negreanu Survives Scare from Deeb

Deeb, who was defending the 2018 WSOP POY, looked in good position to grab his second straight title. He was sitting third in chips in the Colossus standings with just 11 players remaining.

Deeb only needed to finish fifth place, which seemed reasonable given his experience and chip count. However, according to himself, he “choked” before reaching one of the top five places.

Not only did Deeb fail to catch Negreanu in the race, but he also finished behind Australia’s Robert Campbell in the end.

Here are the final 2019 WSOP POY standings:

  • Daniel Negreanu (Canada) 4,074.88
  • Robert Campbell (Australia) 3,961.31
  • Shaun Deeb (USA) 3,917.32
  • Anthony Zinno (USA) 3322.00
  • Phillip Hui (USA) 3,186.17

Negreanu Uses a Barrage of Cashes to Win

As mentioned before, Negreanu failed to win a bracelet throughout either the WSOP Las Vegas or WSOP Europe. But he did cash quite frequently en route to racking up 4,074 POY points.

In all, Negreanu netted 24 cashes from the beginning of June until the beginning of November. Both he and Deeb were behind Campbell after the Vegas leg ended in July.

Deeb and Negreanu made the trip to King’s Casino Rozvadov seeking Player of the Year glory. Negreanu managed to pass Campbell and hang on to the lead after Deeb busted out of the Colossus.

Daniel Negreanu Selling WSOP Europe Action

Sunday, September 8th, 2019

Over the summer, Daniel Negreanu sold some of his action in the 2019 WSOP. The three available investment packages sold out within minutes, causing many to miss out on the chance to back a 6-time WSOP champ.

Kid Poker feels bad about the situation. Now, he’s selling pieces of himself in the WSOP Europe at no markup. This is an excellent deal when considering Negreanu’s tremendous success rate over the years.

Details on the WSOP Europe Packages

Negreanu noted that the entirety of his 15-event WSOPE package would normally cost €450,000. However, the large number of rebuys on the schedule has pushed this amount up to €1.2 million.

Kid Poker wasn’t necessarily thrilled to point out this fact. He agreed with fellow poker player Dan Shak, who noted that the WSOP’s unlimited rebuys have gone too far.

“I strongly agree with you that the schedule is way too unlimited rebuy heavy,” Negreanu noted. “It’s okay to have a few, it really is fine. But there isn’t anything close to a freezeout in the whole schedule.”

Those who invest in Negreanu can not only look forward to making money, but also supporting Kid Poker in his efforts to win another WSOP Player of the Year award. He’s currently third in the standings behind Robert Campbell and Shaun Deeb.

What Happened with Negreanu’s 2019 WSOP Packages?

Regarding the story mentioned earlier, Negreanu offered three packages for the WSOP last summer. They revolved around his high, medium, and low buy-in events, with no markeup required.

Again, this was an outstanding deal for interested parties. But most players got cut out when the pieces were sold in quick fashion.

As you can see, these packages lasted just three minutes. Negreanu is hoping to give his fans and interested backers another chance at earning a piece of his action.