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Daniel Negreanu Rails Against Re-Entry Poker Tournaments

Monday, December 9th, 2019

Many poker tournaments now allow re-entries to help build prize pools. Daniel Negreanu is tired of this trend and wants poker to make freezeouts the standard again.

The WPT Five Diamond caused Negreanu to get riled up about the matter. Event organizers have chosen to allow re-entries for the $10,000 Main Event.

Negreanu May Only Fire One Bullet

During his complaint, Negreanu noted that he’ll still play in the WPT Five Diamond Main Event. However, he might play it without using a re-entry.

He’s also considering something of a protest throughout 2020. Kid Poker raised the possibility of not re-buying into a single event next year.

Re-entries usually favor poker pros with large bankrolls. After all, well-funded pros can more easily afford to use re-buys than amateurs.

Therefore, Negreanu stands to benefit from re-buys more than anybody. Nevertheless, he’s sick of more and more tournaments going the re-entry route.

Will Negreanu’s Efforts Make Any Difference?

Daniel Negreanu would be putting himself at a disadvantage if he really goes through with this plan next year. After all, he’s one of the richest and best tournament players in the world.

But he feels so passionately against re-entries that he’s willing to avoid using them. If so, would he inspire other pros and amateurs to do the same?

Chances are, other professionals will continue taking advantage of rebuys as much as possible. They’re already looking forward to positive EV in tournaments, so they might as well fire more bullets.

Amateurs don’t seem to mind being at a disadvantage in these events. Also, live poker is growing at a rapid pace.

That said, Negreanu could be on an island in staging his re-entry protest. Only time will tell if he convinces more organizers to offer extra freezeouts.