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ARJEL Wants French Online Poker Sites to Cool It with Big Bonuses

Friday, April 17th, 2020

France, like many countries, has seen a big spike in online poker traffic amid the COVID-19 pandemic. French poker sites are taking advantage by trying to lure new players with big bonuses.

However, ARJEL, the nation’s internet gaming regulator, has warned operators to avoid taking advantage of people with these offers. ARJEL sent a memo to online poker rooms stating that they’re monitoring the sudden spike in bonus offers.

Cornavirus Inspires Unusually Large Poker Bonuses

France doesn’t outlaw internet poker sites from using signup bonuses as promotions. However, ARJEL wants to ensure that sites aren’t using the coronavirus as an excuse to pump up offers and lure unsuspecting players.

“This significant increase of online poker has led ARJEL to call on operators to be very vigilant. As such, operators should not multiply incentives to gambling by bonuses,” states their memo.

The gaming governing body also asks operators to monitor the influx of new players coming in. They want to ensure that the number of problem gamblers doesn’t suddenly spike.

France Online Poker Traffic Surges Amid Coronavirus

Many French poker sites are simply trying to capitalize on what’s been the most-lucrative period in the market’s history. Many gamblers are flooding internet poker rooms in light of few other entertainment options.

France has historically struggled with online poker traffic in relation to their population of 67 million people. Operators see this as a chance to finally make significant profits after years of disappointing revenue.

They’ve jumped at the opportunity by throwing out some of their biggest bonuses yet. This aspect has caused ARJEL to go on alert.

France’s internet poker traffic has been aided somewhat by liquidity sharing with other countries. But even liquidity sharing hasn’t caused the same spike as the coronavirus.

This pandemic has also increased online poker play in many other nations throughout the world. Other global operators are likely taking advantage with bigger bonuses as well.