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Vice Journalist Admits to Cheating Online Poker Games with a Bot

Monday, June 29th, 2020

Vice journalist Hayden Vernon documented his experiences while playing online poker as a novice. He managed to do quite respectable after turning £1 into £220 through a low-stakes tournament.

However, Vernon didn’t use the most-admirable means to obtain his winnings. Instead, he cheated by using a bot to take down the tournament.

He admitted that he’s “absolutely shit” at playing poker. Vernon simply wanted to see how he could do on the cyber tables despite his lack of skills.

He went wrong, through, by relying on a bot to play for him. It’s possible that Hayden didn’t really know how serious of an offence this is among the poker community.

Vernon Describes in Detail How to Cheat with a Bot

The writer offered descriptive details on just how he won. He started by downloading a bot off of Following the download, he merely “pressed Start” to get the program playing for him.

Vernon may have needed the help more than anybody. He original deposited £10 and was down to £5 while playing low-stakes games. He used £1 to enter a Bet365 tournament and collect a £220 payout.

“The website I get it from looks like its going to give my computer hepatitis, but the bot’s easy enough to use and even comes with different profiles depending on the style of game you want to play,” he notes.

Poker World Comes Down on Vernon

Again, Hayden Vernon admitted that he’s a terrible player. He also fessed up to exactly how he won the money.

None of this earned him any leeway with the poker world, though. Many players were quick to condemn his use of a bot.

“Any mention of the work online poker sites go through to stop cheaters and scumbags like yourself who employ bots to cheat honest players?” asked Jack Chadwick.

“Such a shame that this piece was published and you call yourself a journalist,” noted poker reporter Christian Zetzsche.

“I don’t expect anything different from that s**t company,” @90scoot66 tweeted at both Vernon and Vice Media.