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Jens Kyllonen Wins 2016 WSOP $25k PLO

Tuesday, July 12th, 2016

jens-kyllonen-wsopJens Kyllonen is not exactly big on the WSOP. In fact, before this summer, Kyllonen’s best finish was a 113th-place effort in 2011. But the high stakes online pro showed up to the 2016 WSOP, winning the $25,000 High Roller PL Omaha tourney as a result.

Kyllonen beat a tough 184-player field to win his first gold bracelet along with $1,127,035. Despite the big names in this field, the Finnish online grinder didn’t seem overly impressed with his competition.

“I don’t want to get into other people’s mistakes at the table in this tournament, but online I play against tougher opposition,” he said.

If there’s a reason why Kyllonen talks of his competition like this, it’s not because he’s being disrespectful, but rather because he’s faced the absolute best that online poker has to offer. Even with that being said, the 26-year-old realizes the implications of winning this event.

“I can’t remember having a rush like I had today,” explained Kyllonen. “I had some big wins online and back in 2011 I won a million in a single day. But other than that, this is the biggest one.”

With this victory, Kyllonen becomes just the third player from Finland to win a WSOP bracelet, joining Jani Vilmunen and Ville Wahlbeck. And it should be little surprise that this bracelet came in PLO, which Finnish players are well known for.

“I think PLO has more action,” Kyllonen said. “You can make more hands with four cards. I also think it’s easier to get lucky in this game.”

Despite Kyllonen’s skill in this game, his heads-up duel with Tommy Le lasted for over three hours. It wasn’t until he won a huge pot with quad aces did he finally take control.

“The heads-up match took much longer than I expected,” he explained. “That’s PLO when you play short-handed. Situations can change so fast. You can play your best, but you can’t help it. You have to win the all-ins.”

Despite the WSOP victory, Kyllonen is likely to continue dedicating most of his time to the online game.

2016 WSOP $25,000 High Roller PL Omaha
1. Jens Kyllonen – $1,127,035
2. Tommy Le – $696,558
3. Dan Smith – $487,361
4. Ryan D’Angelo – $347,641
5. Veselin Karakitukov – $252,909
6. Dmitry Savelyev – $187,724
7. Ludovic Geilich – $142,227
8. Sean Winter – $110,035
9. Robert Mizrachi – $86,969

PokerStars causes Controversy by using Same EPT Barcelona Hotel

Wednesday, January 22nd, 2014

Several members of the high stakes poker community were spooked at EPT Barcelona last year when criminals busted into their hotel rooms and installed malware on their computers. Jens Kyllonen was especially shook by the matter after his hotel room was broken into multiple times. The perpetrator(s) installed a virus on his laptop in an effort to track any sensitive information that he entered on the computer.

Given all of this, it’s a little surprising that PokerStars has chosen the same hotel to direct players to during the 2014 EPT Barcelona. One of the biggest problems regarding last year’s “sharking” attacks was that the Hotel Arts Barcelona security was horrid. The hallway security cameras weren’t working properly, and those at the front desk weren’t very helpful either.

Eric Hollreiser, Head of Corporate Communications, said that PokerStars has used Arts Hotel for several years. He added that, despite the sharking attacks in 2013, most players seemed more than happy with the services provided by the hotel.

Of course, players are by no means bound to stay at the Hotel Arts. And you can guarantee that Kyllonen is one player who’ll be looking for somewhere else to stay. While gone from his room, he came back and discovered that his computer had been stolen. Upon returning with security, he discovered the laptop back in its original spot.

After having an independent company look at his laptop, Kyllonen found out that somebody had installed malware so they could have remote access to his screen. Luckily, the Finnish online poker pro was smart enough not to use his computer after the bizarre and puzzling incident. We can only hope that nothing similar happens during the 2014 EPT Barcelona event.

Jens Kyllonen, Others targeted in “Sharking” Scandal

Tuesday, December 10th, 2013

Three months ago, we covered an incident at EPT Barcelona where poker players’ laptops were compromised. If you don’t want to read the entire story, the jest of it is that certain players noticed their laptops were tampered with, then reported this to hotel security. Unfortunately, the security staff was less than helpful, leading the police to get involved.

Famed Finnish grinder Jens “Jeans89” Kyllonen was one of the players whose laptop was messed with. And seeing as how Kyllonen plays the highest stakes offered in online poker, he felt it necessary to hire a security company to sort through the matter.

According to F-Secure, Kyllonen’s computer was indeed tampered with. Seeing as how I’m not well-versed in techie babble, I’ll just let you have a look at what F-Secure wrote on the matter:

After a while, it was obvious that his hunch was correct, the laptop was indeed infected. There was a Remote Access Trojan (RAT) with timestamps coinciding with the time when the laptop had gone missing.

Apparently, the attacker installed the trojan from a USB memory stick and configured it to automatically start at every reboot. A RAT, by the way, is a common tool that allows an attacker to control and monitor a laptop remotely, viewing anything that happens on the machine.

The trojan is written in Java and uses obfuscation, but isn’t all that complicated. Since it’s in Java, the malware can run in any platform (Mac OS, Windows, Linux).

F-Secure added that they believe Kyllonen and other high stakes players are specifically being targeted by hackers. The company also managed to dub this criminal act “sharking.”

What saved Jeans89 from being sharked is the fact that he walked into his hotel room while the crime was taking place. Kyllonen was spooked when his laptop was missing, so he ran to get security. When he arrived with security, his computer had been put back, meaning the perpetrators may have been hiding in the room the first time he walked in.

In any case, it seems like he’s been lucky enough to avoid being ripped off. But that’s not to say that there couldn’t be another famous poker pro out there who’s the perps’ next intended victim.

“Operation Zombie” busts Hacker who stole $600k from Online Gamblers

Monday, September 16th, 2013

For over a year now, a number of online gamblers have been terrorized by a hacker who was stealing up to $50,000 a month. But Argentinian police may have finally brought an end to this nightmare after busting a 19-year-old hacker whose dad is an IT engineer.

The hacker’s operation began when he sent out a malware virus that hit people when they were downloading online poker and casino software. The teenager would then use denial of service attacks (DDoS) to lock people out of their accounts while he stole their money. The DDoS attacks were supported by thousands of “zombie” computers that flooded payment platforms.

Online poker and casino players weren’t the only ones targeted because a businessman who owned a web hosting service also reported being victimized. He went to police after hackers kept intercepting money transfers that were intended for his web hosting site.

Police then launched “Operation Zombie” and began working to uncover the hacker. As Buenos Aries Chief Prosecutor Graciela Gils Carbo explained, Argentinian police concluded that the same person who hacked the businessman was also behind the online gambling cyber thefts. Authorities also discovered that six other people were involved in the criminal network.

But the unidentified 19-year-old is the headliner here since he allegedly did most of the damage. The only details on the young man is that his father is an information systems engineer. In all, police believe that the hacker and his cohorts stole around $600,000 from victims.

What’s disturbing about this incident is that it comes just a short while after poker players at EPT Barcelona reported their laptops being compromised. Jens Kyllonen broke the news by saying that somebody kept breaking into his room and taking his laptop, possibly to install a Trojan virus. Hotel security was of little help, so Barcelona police are looking into the matter right now.

EPT Barcelona Players fear their Rooms and Laptops were Compromised

Friday, September 6th, 2013

Just yesterday we discussed some news from EPT Barcelona regarding how Daniel Negreanu got upset over the “first card rule.” Now a new story might even top this since it involves breached hotel rooms, compromised laptops, and a possible inside job.

The reports started this morning when high stakes poker pro Jens Kyllonen discussed a scary ordeal on TwoPlusTwo. His keycard wouldn’t work on his hotel room at the Hotel Arts in Barcelona. So he spoke to reception, and they synced his card, thus allowing him to enter.

But Kyllonen discovered another problem when his laptop was missing from the desk. After asking the cleaning ladies if they moved it, the women said no and he was puzzled. So the Finnish pro went to talk to his friend, Henri, who also didn’t know anything about the laptop and couldn’t enter the hotel room with his card either.

When Kyllonen returned to the room, he found that his laptop had reappeared, which freaked him out because the person could’ve been hiding under the bed or somewhere else in the room. After running down and speaking to guest relations, Kyllonen was told that the cameras in his section weren’t working. His laptop then went missing again, and was later found in the lobby.

Long story short, Hotel Arts gave him the runaround and seemed to be more interested in hiding the whole incident rather than solving it. Additionally, the PokerStars staff was unable to convince the Hotel Arts staff to help out much. Kyllonen would later find that another player had his laptop stolen too.

It’s unclear exactly what the reason for stealing poker players’ laptops and putting them back in the room was. But popular speculation is that hackers were taking the computers to install Trojan viruses and uncover passwords and other sensitive information.

At this point, the Barcelona police have gotten involved and are trying to determine who the perpetrators were in this crime. Based on everything that was going on with the keycards, lack of security cameras and clueless cleaning ladies, an inside job can’t be ruled out in this instance.