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Jens Kyllönen Going from Poker to Finance

Friday, February 17th, 2017

jens-kyllonen-poker-to-financeHaving dominated high stakes online poker for years, Jens Kyllönen is looking forward to a new challenge: finance.

The Finnish grinder recently discussed his plans to move into the financial industry with the tabloid Italehti. And Kyllönen says a big motivation for switching careers is that he’s tired of poker and wants to try something else.

“Recently, the idea that I’ve been doing this for ten years, has risen to more ideas,” he told Italehti (translated from Finnish. “Life is, after all, quite short. It would be nice to try something else. It also one of the reasons why I decided to apply for the school.”

Another problem for Kyllönen is that he must spend his nights and weekends playing poker, when the high stakes action is juiciest. But while this results in plenty of profits, it hasn’t been good on the relationship with his girlfriend, Nora.

One more big issue that he addressed is the slow decline in poker’s global appeal.

“The fact that it is a global poker market has been declining for a long time and interest in the sport has declined. I still remember ten years ago, when almost all were playing poker in home games and dream of a new poker professional.”

As for why Kyllönen has settled on a finance career, he says that his mathematical skills played a role in this.

“I was always top of the class matikassa and it has been easy for me. Mathematical talent is useful in poker, but it is not the most important thing,” he said.

According to his HighStakesDB graph, Kyllönen has made $5.22 million in cash game profits on PokerStars (under Jeans89). Many poker pros have stepped away from the game to pursue new things, only to come back and try the game again.

We’re not sure if this will be the case with Kyllönen, but we imagine that his steady success – even as the game’s gotten tougher – will bring him back to the cyber poker tables at some point.