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Negreanu in Norway: “I’ve Been Faking Tells for 20 Years”

Wednesday, December 7th, 2016

negreanu-norwayDaniel Negreanu has been in Norway, helping promote PokerStars and competing in tournaments. And this is a good spot to be for a famous poker pro right now because the game is exploding in Norway.

During his promotional efforts, Kid Poker did an interesting interview with “Nuts,” where he gave solid advice on tells.

“Any tell could mean something different for somebody else,” said Negreanu. “The flop comes out and you see a guy look at his chips. That’s probably the most reliable tell of any tell there is … when he does that, the first thing he’s thinking is ‘I wanna bet.'”

But Negreanu warns that this is one of the most-basic tells, and it’s easy to fake too. Kid Poker has been using this and other fake tells to make him quite unpredictable at the table.

“I’ve been faking tells for 20 years,” he said. “There was a guy, he was an FBI guy and he would look at body language tells, and he did a bunch of poker players. He said with me, that you can’t really read anything because I do so much other stuff that counters the other stuff.”

Negreanu also said that he looks at what he does on TV because he wants to know what other pros are seeing. He then flips any potential tells to throw off opponents.

One special thing that Kid Poker does is keep a list of notes in his smartphone on different players. He then scrolls through this list to see what tells they give off.

Negreanu stressed the importance of bankroll management to the Nuts crew, talking about how hard it can be to keep living and poker expenses separate.

“You work a job, you get a paycheck, every week, every month, you know how much you can spend,” he explained. “You play poker, you don’t know. Some months you might lose money, you might lose for 3-4 months. You have a lot of money, you spend it, you do this, you do that, you go through a losing streak and it’s all gone. Bankroll management is much more difficult for poker players than it is average people.”

This is only part of the 17-minute interview, so check out the rest of it below.