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New Jersey Online Poker Sets Monthly Revenue Record Amid COVID-19

Friday, May 15th, 2020

New Jersey online poker has lagged behind the rest of the state’s gaming market in terms of revenue. However, it recently got a big boost when NJ live poker rooms closed due to the coronavirus (COVID-19).

The Garden State’s three online poker operators earned $5,148,373 in total revenue in April. The $5.15 million is much higher than any previous month in the state’s six-plus years of offering online poker.

New Jersey also had a good month in March. NJ online poker sites set a then-record with $3,629,112 in rake. Prior to this, the record was $3.4 million in profits set back in January 2014.

How Do New Jersey Poker Sites Normally Perform?

Again, New Jersey hasn’t performed too well with internet poker compared to other types of gambling. Its sites normally rake between $1.5 million and $2 million each month.

The state’s online casino and sports betting revenue is much higher. But a major change has happened with the coronavirus still present and posing a threat.

Lawmakers forced casinos to close their live poker rooms. Now, internet poker is the only legal game in town.

Aside from the closures, many people are simply more motivated to play poker online. Even when poker rooms reopen, players may be tempted to continue playing through apps due to fears over COVID-19.

Will NJ Online Poker Continue Growing?

New Jersey online poker rooms are no doubt benefiting from the closures of live rooms. However, this period of growth won’t last forever.

Land-based rooms will be reopening in the near future. At this point, many residents and visitors will go back to hitting Atlantic City.

However, more people have joined NJ poker sites within the past few months. This increased number of players ensures that, at the very least, New Jersey online poker will remain fairly popular.