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Danish Poker Pro Convinced of Malware Online Poker Scam

Saturday, December 14th, 2019

An unnamed Danish Poker pro, who’s widely believed to be Peter Jepsen, has been convicted of an online poker scam. He used malware to hack into other high-stakes online players’ computers and cheat them.

The media didn’t name the player who was convicted. However, the poker community has mostly confirmed that Jepsen is the culprit.

The defendant has received two years and six months in prison for their crimes. They’ll also forfeit DKK 26 million ($3.9m). DKK 800,000 ($119k) of the forfeited amount will go an unnamed poker opponent.

Player Installed Malware at EPT Events

This trial has been ongoing for five years. One revelation is that the defendant installed trojan viruses in high-stakes pros’ laptops during European Poker Tour events.

Three witnesses testified against the defendant, noting that they know malware was used in the scam. The trojan virus allowed the player to see his opponent’s hole cards and beat them out of huge sums.

A small group of high stakes players reported the defendant to authorities. They believe that the defendant installed the trojans when they were gone from their hotel rooms and playing EPT events.

Jens Kyllonen Reported Similar Incident

During the EPT Barcelona event in 2013, Jens Kyllonen discussed an eerie incident in his hotel room. He found that his laptop was missing from his room.

Kyllonen left to get security and found the laptop returned to its original place. Afterward, he believed that the perpetrator had been hiding in his room.

Working for PokerStars and the EPT, Lee Jones cautioned players about the incident at the time.

“We’re only aware of two cases, but obviously there could be more,” Jones posted on TwoPlusTwo. “I know it’s a hassle, but wiping the computer clean and reinstalling everything before you play online poker with it would not be a terrible idea.”

Jason Koon also discussed a similar incident. He was playing at EPT Deauville and became suspicious that his computer had been compromised.

Koon later found that his PC was infected with malware. Unfortunately, he’d lost thousands of dollars in online cash games before figuring it out.

Jepsen Is an Online Poker Legend

The defendant’s lawyers have prevented media outlets from releasing their client’s name. Assuming it is Jepsen, though, then his reputation would forever be destroyed.

Jepsen was a high stakes online poker star over a decade ago under the handle ‘Zupp.’ In 2008, he won what was at the time the biggest-ever online poker pot. Zupp took down a $499,307 pot against Tom Dwan.