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Shane Schleger says Hot Poker Women don’t rise due to Looks

Thursday, July 30th, 2015

shane-schleger-pokerWhile Shane Schleger may not play as much poker these days, he’s still quite visible through his writing and Dope Stories podcast. And the latest topic that Shaniac tackled is the idea that certain women only attain a lofty status in the poker world due to their looks.

Schleger took up this argument after a poker player named Jeff Tims complained about Samantha Abernathy using her looks to rise up the poker ladder. Here’a quick look at how Schleger lays out the common view shared by Tims and others:

“The argument states roughly: Women are unfairly propped up and afforded opportunities that similarly talented male peers would not have, so let’s nip this reverse sexism in the buttocks and get back to discussing how scary talented we are as poker players and how much credit we deserve for that.

It’s a very tired retelling of the same old, “she got there because of her looks” trope, so allow me to break that one down before proceeding: No successful woman ever achieved her status simply as a measure of her physical beauty or sex appeal.”

samantha-abernathy-pokerIt’s pretty obvious that being beautiful and a good poker player won’t earn a lady any less opportunities. However, what Shaniac takes offense to is the general belief that every hot woman who’s visible in the poker world is only there because she looks good. Here’s another excerpt from Schleger’s blog where he discusses how beauty alone doesn’t get you very far:

“Even if we look at industries where women are valued primarily for their physical beauty–for every hot actress or fashion model, there’s another equally hot one down the street who’s also smarter, more ambitious, more shrewd, harder working–and it’s those attributes that undoubtedly will buoy her to success beyond mere sexiness.”

This is certainly an interesting view on a subject that’s been around ever since online poker sites started handing sponsorship deals out to good-looking women. Sure, some of these deals were given strictly to models whose job it was to look pretty on the felt. On the other hand, today’s game is filled with hot women who also know how to play, including Abernathy. Case in point: she challenged Tims to Open Faced Chinese poker after his allegations that she’s using looks to get ahead.

Shane Schleger gets Backlash from discussing his Crack Use

Sunday, March 9th, 2014

Over the past few weeks, online poker legend Shane “schaniac” Schleger has been opening up more about his steady crack use over the past 15 years. He’s been co-hosting “Dope Stories” podcast episodes to talk about his drug use and he also wrote a popular article on

So why has Schleger chosen now to open up about his drug use? He writes that he wants to start a reasonable and truthful discussion about drug use to help comprehend addiction, which you can see in the following excerpt:

I don’t present these stories for shock value. On the contrary, I proceed with a lot of anxiety, knowing the potential to upset and alienate family members, friends, present or past business associates, future landlords, and whoever else is likely to take a dim view of the information I’m volunteering.

So why would I choose to share, both in this story and in my new podcast Dope Stories? Because I believe it’s necessary to forge a truthful, direct discussion about drugs before we can comprehend addiction, much less effectively treat drug abuse or hope to implement rational drug policy. My visceral fear when presenting these revelations shows that we are not close to achieving that level of dialogue.

It seems like Schleger’s fear is right in that most people aren’t accepting of his crack use, nor do they want to have a reasonable discussion about it. This much can be seen from the comments underneath his Slate article, where many people accuse him of being an addict and somebody who’d have never achieved any level of success if it hadn’t been for his wealthy parents (upper-class, lived in NYC’s affluent West side).

We don’t commend Schleger for his drug use either, but it’s refreshing that he is willing to talk openly and honest about his habit. Furthermore, Schleger concludes his Slate piece by writing that he hopes to smoke less crack in 2014, though he knows aiming for total abstinence would be unrealistic.

One thing Schleger made sure to mention is that he never played online poker while high on crack. This would make sense because he’s one of the best ever, having earned over $4 million in online poker tournaments throughout his career. But these days, it seems that Schleger is transitioning away from poker and more into the writing world.