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Daniel Negreanu Explains Why You’re Losing at Poker

Sunday, April 9th, 2017

negreanu-how-to-become-poker-proCurrently first on the all-time poker winnings list with $31.88 million, Daniel Negreanu knows a few things about poker. This includes why you and other players may be currently struggling with the game.

Through a video entitled “5 Reasons You’re Losing at Poker,” Negreanu starts with bad luck. Even when you play hands perfectly, there are occasions where you’ll lose because, like it or not, poker does contain skill.

Another reason Kid Poker discusses is that you’ve become too predictable.

“You were playing against the same players, and you were winning,” he says. “And now, over time, you’re playing against the same people and you’ve noticed that you’re losing. It’s possible that they’ve caught on to what you’re doing.”

Negreanu adds, “Maybe you’re bluffing too much, or you’re not bluffing enough and they’ve caught onto that. If that’s the case where you’re playing against the same type of people, and you’ve gone from a winning player to a losing player, maybe they’ve also changed the way they play, but let’s focus on what you can control, which is whether you’ve become too predictable.”

Another reason he covers is that you may be playing in games that are too tough.

“Let’s say that you’re the fifth best Omaha Hi-Lo player in the world. But you sit down everyday with the other four, who happen to be better than you. Well, congrats on being fifth, but in this game, you’re the sucker. So I would really try to be self-aware enough to look around the table and ask yourself the real question: okay, I like my poker skills, but am I better than these guys? And if you’re not certain about that, then you might want to pick better spots.”

Maybe these aren’t the most-revolutionary poker tips you’ll ever find. But Negreanu does do a good job of covering basics that players get away from as they play poker more and more.

That said, check out the video below, which covers a couple more reasons that we didn’t discuss.