Tesla Adds In-Car Poker Games in China

Tesla is capitalizing on poker popularity in China by introducing a revolutionary software update. They’ll add in-car poker games to their electric cars being sold in China.

Tesla will begin to offering two in-car poker games during Q1 2020. They’ve partnered with Tencent to produce these games.

How Will the In-Car Poker Work?

Drivers won’t be able to play poker on the dashboard while the vehicle is in motion. This aspect eliminates a major safety concern.

Instead, the poker games will only be available when the car is parked. Either the driver or front-seat passenger will be able to enjoy poker action at this point.

Aside from adding poker to the software, Tesla will also input cartoon streaming and a Mahjong game created by Youku (Alibaba subsidiary).

Why In-Car Poker in China?

Many see adding in-car poker in China as a strange move. After all, the country’s government is staunchly against gambling of any kind.

The federal government shut down a number of free-play poker apps in 2018. Regional Chinese governments have also taken action against live tournaments, even after organizers followed local laws.

Of course, Tesla wouldn’t roll out this update if they didn’t feel fully confident in being able to offer it in China. That said, they shouldn’t be affected by the overall crackdown on poker.

Will Tesla Offer Poker in Other Countries?

Tesla Inc. hasn’t given any indication on if they’ll add in-car poker software in other countries. Heavy gambling nations such as the US, UK, Canada, Germany, and more might be interested in such an app.

The electric car maker has likely started with China due to the country’s massive population and game’s rising popularity.

China appears on the verge of a poker boom. However, government regulators will need to lighten restrictions in order for such a boom to occur.

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