Tom Dwan to address Issues with Full Tilt Poker Soon

For over two years now, Tom Dwan has been taking heat for being uncooperative in finishing the Durrrr Challenge with Dan ‘Jungleman12’ Cates. But as it turns out, Full Tilt Poker may have a large role in why Dwan hasn’t continued playing the Challenge more recently.

The famed high stakes player didn’t give out many details about exactly what the beef is with his former sponsor. However, Dwan did drop a big hint that he’s not on a friendly basis with Full Tilt when asked about a penalty involving the Durrrr Challenge. “I haven’t been comfortable playing on Full Tilt cause I have a really big issue with them,” he told Bluff Magazine.

Dwan added that he’ll probably reveal his problem with Full Tilt in more detail, but he doesn’t want to get into something like this on “3 hours of sleep.” It doesn’t sound like the Durrrr Challenge is any closer to resuming either. Dwan said that Jungle knows what the Full Tilt issue is, plus he has a lot of other things going on right now anyways.

One other interesting tidbit that he dropped during the Bluff interview is when he said, “We don’t even have the hands from Full Tilt which is ridiculous because they didn’t even put up a page, but I have another more pressing issue with him (Jungleman).”

The last topic that Dwan discussed in this short interview involved how he’s at the Aussie Millions right now to play in some of the big cash games there. However, he did say that he still spends most of his time in Macau because the games are just so much bigger there.

The big takeaway from this 3-minute conversation with Dwan is that he’s definitely not happy with Full Tilt. And it doesn’t sound like he’s trying to duck Jungleman’s challenge, but rather wait until everything is right between he and Full Tilt. But don’t expect that to happen any time soon, given how he was dropped by FTP less than two months ago.

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