Tom Dwan Says Staredowns are a Problem with Poker Tournaments

tom-dwan-poker-staredownsTom Dwan doesn’t play a lot of poker tournaments these days. But when he does, he’d prefer that you didn’t stare him down every hand.

Dwan was recently at the 2018 Triton Super High Roller Series, where he spoke about what he perceives as the biggest problem with poker tournaments.

“The few tournaments I’ve played lately, even when I played Bellagio this summer…people have just taken the staring at you to a whole new level. Taking a long time on every hand.”

He added, “And I know I did some of that on High Stakes Poker. But I would do it when there were like 100 big blinds in the pot. And I was thinking about bluffing almost every time.”

Dwan Thinks Most Poker Tournaments aren’t Fun Anymore

The staredowns have gotten so bad to the point where Dwan no longer enjoys playing in poker tournaments.

“Now, I think people are taking it to an extreme, and it’s just kind of not that fun, not that sporting.”

Dwan also told PokerNews that he thinks the atmosphere of the tourney plays a big role into the lengthy staredowns.

“I think it kind of reflects in the makeup of the tournament,” he explained. “A lot of the people playing, you get less recreational players. And here [Triton High Roller Series], you get way more.”

Dwan Says Poker Needs to Remain a Game – Not a Sport

Dwan ended his interview by discussing his views on how poker should be treated like a fun game. This goes against a movement over previous years to “sportify” poker.

“Poker to me was always more of a game than a sport,” he said. “You know, this idea of trying to sportify it.

“Sports are when people run for miles or play football or something. And I thought it [poker] should be a more friendly atmosphere, and I think Triton’s doing that.”

You can check out everything Dwan had to say about the state of poker tournaments below.

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