Tony G wins European Parliament Seat

It turns out that Tony “G” Gouga isn’t just popular (infamous) in poker. The Lithuanian businessman and poker pro won a seat in the next European Parliament.

After the big political victory, an elated Gouga said, “Today we made history in Lithuanian politics. For the first time Liberals have won two seats in the European Parliament. My sincere thanks go to all the voters, those who supported and helped me along the way!”

Along with winning one of the two European Parliament seats, Tony G can take pride in knowing that he was the top-voted Liberal candidate from Lithuania. That said, it’s little surprise that he was also gracious of those who supported his campaign. “I want to thank my whole team of volunteers,” Tony G told reporters. “They have been fantastic!”

Now Gouga will be representing his native country, which contains almost 3 million residents. And he’ll serve in this role for five years, starting on July 1st, 2014.

This being said, we probably won’t be seeing a lot of Tony G in the poker world any time soon. After all, he’ll not only be serving the interests of Lithuanians, but also operating his online gambling business empire, which includes PokerNews and TonyBet.

As for his poker career, Gouga is best known for televised appearances where he’s seen berating other players. For example, he once went off on Ralph Perry during a televised game (see below), frequently using Perry’s Russian heritage to insult his play. Other times, though, Tony G can be a gentleman at the table, helping newer amateur players out who aren’t quite accustomed to live poker rules. Tony has $4,862,341 in live poker tournaments and countless millions in various live cash games across the world.

Mean Tony G

Nice Tony G

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