Who will win 2015 WSOP Main Event?

max-steinberg-2015-main-eventThe 2015 WSOP Main Event final table has been set for over a week now, which means there’s been plenty of time to look at the November Nine. Joe McKeehen’s name steps to the forefront since he has a massive lead with 62,100,000 chips, versus second-place Zvi Stern’s stack of 29,800,000 chips. Obviously McKeehen has a great chance to win the 2015 WSOP Main Event. But can anybody else compete with this poker pro’s big chip stack and steal the spotlight? Let’s take a look at three other players who, based on their chips stack and experience, have a good chance to win.

1. Pierre Neuville: 21,075,000 chips, fourth-biggest stack

Nicknamed the “Serial Qualifier” for having won online prize packages to 23 straight European Poker Tour events, Neuville has definitely played a lot of poker over the past several years. And the 72-year-old has really cashed in on these opportunities, accumulating almost $2.2 million prior to the Main Event. A former head executive at the Hasbro toy company, Neuville basically dedicated the remainder of his life to poker after a health scare. And this has really allowed him to build the necessary skills to be a major threat among the 2015 November Nine.

2. Max Steinberg: 20,200,000 chips, fifth-largest stack

After turning pro in the mid-2000s, Max Steinberg did quite well on the live poker circuit, accumulating over $1.9 million and winning a gold bracelet at the 2012 WSOP. It is the latter aspect that sets Steinberg apart from the other final table players, given that he’s the only one to experience winning a WSOP event. The only drawback to the San Francisco native is that, two months ago, he basically quit poker to play daily fantasy sports full-time. He’ll now be spending the next three and a half months gaining back any edge he lost during this time.

3. Zvi Stern: 29,800,000, second-largest stack

zvi-stern-main-eventNot much is known about Stern and he declined to answer when asked about his profession back in Israel. Furthermore, he had less than $50k in live tournament winnings coming into the Main Event. However, this (assumed) amateur player does have the second-biggest chip stack, which has to count for something. And he does play a fair amount of poker, given that he’s cashed in several live tournaments.

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