Zoom App Poker Becomes Popular

Many people are rediscovering online poker during the coronavirus pandemic. Internet poker rooms are seeing huge spikes in traffic that haven’t been witnessed in years.

Aside from the traditional route of playing at online sites, players are also organizing home games through the Zoom app. The latter is typically relegated to business meetings and calls between multiple friends, but it has suddenly become hotter in poker too.

Zoom Lets People Play Face to Face—Online

The way that people are using Zoom to play poker isn’t entirely unheard of. 888poker experimented with a similar format called webcam tables.

The webcam tables were ultimately a huge failure. However, Zoom—a work-from-home teleconferencing tool—has succeeded where webcam tables failed.

First off, Zoom already has a practical use. The developers didn’t create this tool with poker in mind.

They created it for work purposes first. It also allows people to better socialize from a distance.

People have also found that Zoom is great for holding virtual home games. It’s especially useful while the coronavirus keeps many people at home.

Will Zoom Remain an Integral Part of Poker?

The rise of Zoom as a poker tool is mainly attributed to COVID-19. After all, most people don’t feel safe holding a poker home game at this time.

But will this teleconferencing tool remain popular among poker players after the pandemic subsides? The answer depends upon how useful Zoom remains in the future.

This app has experienced a meteoric rise within the past few months. Those who can’t/don’t want to meet face to face need it to hold regularly scheduled work meetings. Meanwhile, friends are also using Zoom to stay connected.

Of course, many poker friends will get together for their regularly scheduled home games once they feel safe. However, Zoom could remain a useful tool for those who can’t make it to a game at a particular time.

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