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Will Zynga Poker’s Facebook Launch save their Stock?

Monday, January 20th, 2014

Falling stock prices for Zynga are nothing new. The social gaming giant has struggled mightily ever since their initial public offering at the end of 2011. Zynga had hoped to give themselves a boost after partnering up with and launching a real money poker client last year. Though only available to UK residents, the thought was that Zynga’s social gamers would eventually download the real money poker client too.

However, this venture has been a complete flop, failing to generate much business for either Zynga or PartyPoker. One of the chief problems was that players have to leave Facebook in order to check out Zynga’s real money poker operation. Seeing as how Zynga gained and now maintains their fame through social games offered on Facebook, few recreational players are enthused about leaving the site.

That said, Zynga recently launched an app that’ll allow Brits to play real money poker directly through Facebook. The huge benefit here is obviously convenience because real money players can stay on Facebook. But will this translate into anything significant in the way of poker traffic? Furthermore, will any potential traffic increase be enough to save their plummeting stock?

Zynga’s already fragile stock took another hit when a Stern Agee analyst released a report that predicts poor results in Q1 of 2014. The report also shed some negative light on Zynga’s Q4 earnings in 2013.

Long story short, this company could really use a major boost. And they’re hoping that the Facebook poker app will at least be part of the solution. Of course, it’s difficult to put too much faith in a real money app that’s only available to the 63 million people living in the UK.

Struggling Zynga Poker grasping at Mobile Straws

Tuesday, October 16th, 2012

Social gaming giant Zynga really shows what a difference a year can make. After all, Zynga was going strong around this time last year and had Wall Street fascinated with their initial public offering. Fast-forward to now and Zynga has seen their stock plummet from $10 (December, 2011) to just $2.21 a share and is mired in another nasty legal battle – this time with game-maker Kixeye, which allegedly stole the CityVille concept.

The Good

If there’s anything good happening for the company at this point, it’s that Zynga Poker is still going strong with over 37 million members. Sure growth has slowed, but their large membership base shows that people still have a strong desire to play free poker. FarmVille 2 is experiencing even more success with over 50 million players since a September launch. But even with the success of FarmVille 2 and Zynga Poker, the company still needs some help.

Zynga’s Future

Like many online gaming companies, Zynga has been dedicating a lot of time towards the mobile market. And it’s a good thing too because many feel that the social gaming kingpin needs to focus on mobile games or else they’ll continue to struggle. So far they’ve developed “The Ville” and “ChefVille” and are working on other games.

Real Money Games

Of course, the bigger future of Zynga could be real money gaming. The company has currently been interested in real money poker and casino games. And their social network partner, Facebook, has already entered the UK market with a real money bingo game. Zynga doesn’t plan on going into the international market right now, but they would like to get a license in the US if legislation opens up more. Perhaps then, the company can start to turn things around and improve their landsliding stlcoks.

Zynga Poker may be Rigged

Monday, February 6th, 2012

One of the most-discussed topics among online poker players right now is how much Zynga would benefit if they were to enter the internet poker world. Currently, they run free social networking games such as Zynga Poker for Facebook, which could change if the United States chooses to regulate the online gaming market.

And just recently, Zynga admitted that they’d be willing to explore the option of real money poker games as they told the website, “We know from listening to our players that there’s an interest in the real money gambling market. We’re in active conversations with potential partners to better understand and explore this new opportunity.”

This is certainly exciting news to those who enjoy playing Zynga Poker already. However, one thing that’s not exciting is how a former Zynga engineer appeared on to discuss how the free poker site is rigged. The former Zynga worker’s thread opened with the following:

I worked at Zynga for 8 months, I can tell you all about the Good Stuff (yes, there is good stuff going on in there!), and the nasty-douchey stuff (yes, there is extremely CREEPY stuff going on in there!)

I can tell you about Zynga’s mangled code base. I can tell you all about Brogrammers. Ask me anything. Seriously.

Going by the name “mercenary-games,” the poster discussed the poker games specifically by mentioning:

so theres millions of people playing poker.

An instance of a poker table takes up a significant amount of data. shuffling the deck for millions of poker tables would rape the server.

Instead, have “pre packaged” scenarios… roll them and randomize which scenario comes us. Cheaper.

Obviously these are not the allegations you want to hear about a publicly traded company that’s considering offering real money poker services. Hopefully, if Zynga Poker does come out with real money play in the future, they clean up this kind of stuff. Otherwise, you can expect to find a lot of empty real money poker tables here.




Zynga Poker Real Money Games a Possiblity

Thursday, June 30th, 2011

As a poker provider for the world’s leading social networking site – Facebook -Zynga Poker is a very valuable commodity. In fact, Zynga is offering a $1 billion initial public offering to investors next week, which could push their overall value from $10 billion to between $15 and $20 billion. And just imagine how large Zynga’s valuation could climb if US poker legalization happens in 2011 as many people are expecting.

As it stands now, Zynga Poker is merely a giant waste of money since they sell people fake chips. And you can spend up to $100 a day just to play free poker against other Facebook junkies.  In short, this site is a safe-haven for those who are too scared to play in real money games – never mind the irony that people are paying for a service that’s usually free. But if online poker is legalized in the US, Zynga Poker could become a dominant force in the internet poker world.

Currently, there are 30 million Zynga Poker users, which is almost 10 million more than PokerStars. And if poker becomes totally legal, it would be very interesting to see how many of Zynga’s users would convert over to real money play. Even better is that this site could become the biggest fish pool in the world! Just imagine all of the social network fiends without poker skills running around Zynga spilling money every step of the way. Can you say pre-2002?

Of course, the biggest piece to this puzzle is Zynga making a serious effort to pursue real money games if/probably when internet poker is legal in the US. As of now, the site claims that they aren’t interested, but it’s a good bet that they’ll at least consider the possibility when it comes time.


High Stakes Poker sponsored by Gold Strike Poker

Monday, April 25th, 2011

High Stakes Poker has picked up a new sponsor in Gold Strike Poker, which comes on the heels of an announcement that all PokerStars ads and commercials will be removed from the show. This is great news for the show because many feared that HSP would be canceled after the US cracked down on PokerStars. Fortunately, Gold Strike’s sponsorship deal ensures that at least somebody will step in to fill the financial void left by Stars.

Gold Strike Poker is quite an interesting site because it’s one of the few legal US poker rooms operating in the country. Of course, to operate in the US, Gold Strike obviously can’t offer real money games to players. Instead, players pay $19.95 each month, which gives them unlimited play on the site and a chance to win various prizes like vacations and electronics.

As you can see, the Gold Strike sponsorship is a vast change from Stars, which set numerous records for the multi-million dollar real money tournaments they run on a monthly basis (not sure if this will continue). With the major change, it will be interesting to see what direction the show goes in as we move from PokerStars to Gold Strike Poker.

One thing that won’t be changing are the huge pots constantly featured on the show. Barry Greenstein and Julian Movsesian got involved in a $146,000 pot, which Greenstein won after he paired his aces, and Movsesian failed to get any help from the board.

Another huge pot involved Mike Baxter and Haralabos Voulgaris, who played for $168,000; Baxter’s A-Q failed to improve so Voulgaris’ pocket kings held up to win the massive pot. One more big hand was a $179,000 pot between Phil Laak and Bill Perkins. The two chopped the pot when they ran the turn and river twice; Laak’s pocket aces held up the first time, but Perkins hit a flush during the second run.


Zynga Poker is a Waste of Money

Tuesday, April 5th, 2011

People seem to be meshing the terms “wasting money” and “wasting time” together these days with Zynga Poker. After all, it was reported last month that Zynga is worth $9 billion, which is mind-boggling considering the fact that Zynga gives online poker players no chance to win real money.

But since the company is doing so well, there must be enough stupid people out there willing to pay for chips, and not get any money in return. Even if someone was too scared or nervous to play in real money games, there are sites that don’t cost any money to play, and are just as entertaining.

It’s hard to imagine how someone can justify paying thousands of dollars for fake chips, knowing there is no chance of making any kind of profit off of the chips. They might as well be throwing their cash in the trash! Those who continue to play are probably missing the part of the brain that contains logic because no one in their right mind would pay for fake chips after realizing there’s online casinos offering free poker services.

These idiots paying for chips aren’t even bettering their poker playing skills because the real players are playing real money poker and not hiding behind fake games. If I’m going to waste money, I’m going to waste it by buying real chips, not imaginary ones. Of course, poker isn’t the only game draining people‘s wallets on Facebook. There are dozens of games that require your credit card number, and it is baffling to think about a person paying an online networking site money to play a game.