Zynga Poker is a Waste of Money

People seem to be meshing the terms “wasting money” and “wasting time” together these days with Zynga Poker. After all, it was reported last month that Zynga is worth $9 billion, which is mind-boggling considering the fact that Zynga gives online poker players no chance to win real money.

But since the company is doing so well, there must be enough stupid people out there willing to pay for chips, and not get any money in return. Even if someone was too scared or nervous to play in real money games, there are sites that don’t cost any money to play, and are just as entertaining.

It’s hard to imagine how someone can justify paying thousands of dollars for fake chips, knowing there is no chance of making any kind of profit off of the chips. They might as well be throwing their cash in the trash! Those who continue to play are probably missing the part of the brain that contains logic because no one in their right mind would pay for fake chips after realizing there’s online casinos offering free poker services.

These idiots paying for chips aren’t even bettering their poker playing skills because the real players are playing real money poker and not hiding behind fake games. If I’m going to waste money, I’m going to waste it by buying real chips, not imaginary ones. Of course, poker isn’t the only game draining people‘s wallets on Facebook. There are dozens of games that require your credit card number, and it is baffling to think about a person paying an online networking site money to play a game.

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