Doug Polk Launches Cryptocurrency Site Coin Central

doug-polk-cryptocurrencyDoug Polk has made a big investment into the cryptocurrency industry by launching the website Coin Central. Polk, one of the world’s top high stakes poker players, will add another layer to his busy life.

The 2017 WSOP One Drop High Roller champion is also a YouTube personality and businessman.

“As of today I am excited to announce my next project. Today is the official launch of my CryptoCurrency news site,” Polk tweeted.

Polk has been following the cryptocurrency game for a while, investing in Bitcoin back when a BTC only cost $100. This decision has definitely paid off because one BTC is now worth over $5,600.

The famed poker pro has expressed his belief that cryptocurrency will only continue to increase in value. That said, he’s no doubt happy with his website launch.

What will Coin Central Do?

Coin Central is going to review sites that are currently offering cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. The new site will also offer investing advice and news on these currencies.

Here’s some extra information via Polk’s twitter account:

“At @realcoincentral, our goal is to help anyone interested in the world of Crypto to get trustworthy and reliable information to make decisions.”

“I look forward to this new challenge, and will do my best to ensure anyone looking for accurate information will find it.”

Other Poker Players Betting on Cryptocurrency

Other poker pros who are involved in cryptocurrency include Dan Colman and Brian Rast. Both players work as advisers for Virtue Poker an upcoming online poker site that will run on Ethereum.

Former poker pro and current politician Tony G is an advisor for Bankera, which is trying to connect cryptocurrency to traditional banking services. Gouga, who’s been very successful in the poker media world, should be a big asset to Bankera.

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