Texas Holdem Rules

Texas Holdem is one of the most played games in the Internet. With the easy-to-learn game mechanics and the simple rules, it is easy to understand why Texas Holdem is a popular game among online casino players. Let us understand the basic rules of Texas Holdem by reading the sections found below.

Number of Bets

Each player is allowed a maximum of four bets in every round. All in all, the player can have one bet together with three raises.

Once a game is capped, no one can make another raise in a round. Players can only have the option of folding in or calling if the game has been capped. Folding can be done at any period of the game. A fold usually shows the cards being moved to the dealer. The player is not considered part of the game once the cards have been moved. The player cannot claim any rights over the pots on the table.

Check Option

A player can declare "check" aside from the fold option. The check option allows the player to pass his turn without making any bets. However, this option is not always available to the player. The previous player's hand determines the availability of this option. The player has to match the amount of the wagers placed by the players in every round.

Table Stakes

Table stakes mean that only the chip played at the start of each hand may be used throughout the hand. The player is not allowed to get additional chips from the cashier while the game is proceeding. Together with the table stakes is the "all-in" rule. This states that the gamer cannot be forced to give up a hand because he does not have enough chips to call a bet.

Exceptions to the All-In Rule

An "all-in player" is eligible for a part of the pot up to his final bet. A player who has gone all-in cannot be involved with the side pot made by the other players in the game. The present pot at the table is treated as the main pot once a player goes all-in. That specific pot is also made eligible to the all-in player.

The Time

Players are expected to play within a pre-fixed time frame. Most of the time, the player is allowed to play for 30 seconds. In case a player does not respond to the allotted time, his hand is considered folded. This rule is intelligent in distinguishing if the player has got disconnected from the site or not. If a player got disconnected, he is given an extra 20 seconds to play his turn in a game. If the player is not able to connect after the given time frame, he is considered all-in. 

The Showdown

The showdown decides the winner of the pot. The community cards and the five cards are to be used to decide the winning hand. Any of the card combinations shown below can form the winning hand:

  • all five community cards displayed on the board
  • four community cards plus one hole card
  • three community cards plus both hole cards