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Justin Lapka Accused of Having Too Many Chips to Start WSOP Circuit Event

Thursday, November 22nd, 2018

justin-lapka-pokerPoker player Shawn Daniels hurled serious accusations at fellow player Justin Lapka via Twitter. Daniels tweeted that Lapka started WSOP Circuit Event #5 — a $600 NL hold’em Double Stack event — with too many chips.

He explained how Justin Lapka registered late and had the liberty of beginning with an extra 5,000 chips. Players were supposed to start off with 40,000 chips. What’s worse is that it appears Lapka realized it and wasn’t going to do anything about the situation.

Daniels Gets Personal

Daniels jumped on Twitter to warn other players about Lapka and to “pay close attention” when playing around him.

shawn-daniels-poker“This kid got very upset when someone mentioned he started with too many chips. He knew and wasn’t going to say anything,” he tweeted.

“When I mentioned he’s scumming / cheating all his peers he said he will do what he has to it’s business. If you interact with this guy pay close attention.”

Lapka was made aware of his extra chips. However, he refused to return them under the banner that it wasn’t his fault the tournament staff messed up. This only incensed Daniels even more.

“He just asked me to stop being an asshole. He’s ‘sorry and writing an apology to his fans,'” Daniels noted.

“Gave me 40 horrible excuses why it was ok and I was wrong. Just writing apology for some shitty @TwitchPoker partnership he doesn’t deserve to have.”

Lapka Tweets an Apology

Lapka is a successful online poker player who also commands a solid Twitch following. Therefore, he felt it necessary to apologize to the poker world after refusing to give the chips back.

“I just wanna acknowledge that I made a decision tonight without a full understanding of how my decisions may affect other people or the poker community at-large,” he tweeted.

Lapka finished by noting that he should’ve given the chips back right away instead of continuing to defend his reasons for keeping the extra 5k.

Jack Sinclair Wins 2018 WSOP Europe Main Event

Sunday, November 4th, 2018

British poker pro Jack Sinclair has triumphed over 534 players at the 2018 WSOP Europe Main Event. He collects a first-place payout worth €1,122,239 ($1,277,013) along with his first WSOP gold bracelet.

Afterward, the Brit credited a great run with helping him win this prestigious tournament.

“I never really lost a big pot as far as I can remember and just got all the hands when I needed them,” he said.

“Every time I felt like things were getting precarious, I instantly won a big pot. I’m very happy with how I played and even more happy with how I ran!”

Recap of 2018 WSOPE Main Event

The 2018 WSOP Europe Main Event drew 534 players, creating a prize pool worth €5,073,000. Notable players who cashed include Mustapha Kanit (78th, €15,074), Rainer Kempe (52nd, €18,210), Sergio Aido (47th, €20,262), Jack Salter (37th, €23,025), Niall Farrell (27th, €26,712), Igor Kurganov (22nd, €31,623), Andy Black (13th, €47,019), and Koray Aldemir (7th, €130,350).

The six-player final table began with Ihor Yerofieiev hitting the rail in sixth place, after his pocket 6’s were bested by Milos Skrbic’s A-Q combo. Skrbic didn’t have long to celebrate, as he busted out when his KJ hand fell short against Lazlo Bujtas’ AQ.

Ryan Riess would be the next elimination, when Krasimir Yankov’s pocket aces dominated his pocket 7’s. Yankov would bow out in third place when his pocket 5’s fell against Sinclair’s pocket 7’s.

Sinclair began heads-up play with a small lead. He continued building on this momentum and quickly reduced Butjas’ stack. The final hand saw the latter move all-in preflop with J7. Sinclair (Q9) called and paired his queen with the board to win.

WSOPE Main Event Final Table Results

1. Jack Sinclair – (UK) €1,122,239 ($1,279,352)
2. Laszlo Bujtas – (Hungary) €693,573 ($790,673)
3. Krasimir Yankov – (Bulgaria) €480,028 ($547,232)
4. Ryan Riess (US) – €337,778 ($385,067)
5. Milos Skrbic (Serbia) – €241,718 ($275,559)
6. Ihor Yerofieiev (Ukraine) – €175,965 ($200,600)

Negreanu and Hellmuth Skipping 2018 WSOP Europe

Wednesday, October 24th, 2018

phil-hellmuth-wsopThe 2018 WSOP Europe is being held at King’s Casino Rozvadov, Czech Republic for the second straight year.

While many players are pleased with the location, some American pros have chosen not to make the long trip this year.

This includes Phil Hellmuth and Daniel Negreanu, who’ve yet to show at King’s Casino. But why are successful pros like Hellmuth and Negreanu skipping the WSOPE?

WSOP Europe Isn’t Economically Feasible for Everyone

The WSOP Las Vegas draws thousands of poker players ever year. It makes sense for tournament pros to attend, considering that they have access to 70+ events over one and a half months.

The WSOP Europe, on the other hand, doesn’t offer as much value trip-wise. North American players must travel thousands of miles for an event that only features 10 bracelet tournaments.

One reason why players might consider the WSOPE is because of the Player of the Year (POY) race. However, even Shaun Deeb, who’s firmly in the lead this year, was hesitant to visit Rozvadov just to seal his POY title.

“To be honest, it’s probably unprofitable for me to go there, when you consider the buy-ins and the travel expenses,” said Deeb.

“If it was strictly about money, I would never bother going there, but I really want to win POY, and this is the best shot I’ve had at doing it.”

What’s Up with Hellmuth and Negreanu Being Absent?

Phil Hellmuth is always looking to add to his record 15 WSOP bracelets. And Negreanu wouldn’t mind adding to his total of six bracelets either. Nevertheless, neither player is in attendance for the 10 bracelet events happening at King’s Casino.

Hellmuth tweeted that the trip is the main thing keeping him away:

“I believe that this is the first @WSOP WSOPE or WSOPA that I’ve missed since 1989. Love @PokerRoomKings, but long long flight from California!! It seems to take me 5 groggy days to adapt to Europe…If they have WSOPE in 2019, I will be there… #HardToMissWSOPE”

Negreanu has chosen to skip due to the poor year that’s he’s having, which saw him cash just five times at the WSOP Las Vegas. The $185,103 that he earned for these cashes pales in comparison to the $2 million in buy-ins he spent.

Mykhailo Gutyi Wins 2018 WSOPE €1.1k Turbo Bounty Hunter

Thursday, October 18th, 2018

Mykhailo Gutyi has triumphed over a field of 387 players to win the €1,100 No-Limit Hold’em Turbo Bounty Hunter tournament at the 2018 WSOP Europe.

Mykhailo, a Ukrainian poker player, collected a payout worth €61,299 ($70,627) after beating Germany’s Florian Sarnow heads-up.

He becomes just the fifth Ukrainian poker player to win a WSOP gold bracelet.

Recap of 2018 WSOPE €1,100 NLHE Turbo Bounty Hunter

The €1,100 Turbo Bounty Hunter (NLHE) offered a €200,000 guaranteed prize pool, with the top 59 players all earning a piece of the money.

The last remaining nine players made the final table, including notable pros like Angelos Pettas, Philipp Zukernik, Darko Stojanovic, Vangelis Kaimakamis.

In the end, though, it was the amateurs Gutyi and Sarnow facing off for the victory. Gutyi had a 3.5-to-1 chip lead to start.

Sarnow quickly doubled up and narrowed the gap. However, he would lose everything on the next hand.

Gutyi (Qd-2d) made a flush on a board of 10d-9d-3d. Both players checked, before a 10c landed on the turn.

This sparked multiple raises, which eventually saw Sarnow (10h-8s) shove his stack into the middle. A harmless 4d landed on the river, thus giving Gutyi the hand and the tourney win.

2018 WSOPE €1.1k Turbo Bounty Hunter Final Table Results

1st. Mykhailo Gutyi (Ukraine) – €61,299
2nd. Florian Sarnow (Germany) – €37,678
3rd. Vangelis Kaimakamis (Greece) – €25,468
4th. Angelos Pettas (Greece) – €17,565
5th. Darko Stojanovic (France) – €12,367
6th. Kale Halstead (Australia) – €8,891
7th. Philipp Zukernik (Czech) – €6,531
8th. Andrey Ivlev (Russia) – €4,904
9th. Luca Marchetti (Italy) – €3,765

Tamir Segal Wins 2018 WSOP Europe COLOSSUS and €203,820

Tuesday, October 16th, 2018

Israeli poker player Tamir Segal is the first winner at the 2018 WSOP Europe. He won the Event #1: COLOSSUS and €203,820 ($234,252) after defeating a field of 2,992 players.

Segal is an amateur who doesn’t have many cashes to his name. He had just $10,917 in live tournament winnings before his recent victory. Segal is now just the 10th Israeli to capture a WSOP bracelet.

Recap of 2018 WSOPE COLOSSUS

The €550 COLOSSUS, which was set to run for eight days, attracted nearly 3,000 players. Only 10% of this field was left standing after the Day 1 flights were finished.

Day 2 saw the field whittled down to 10 players, which formed the final table. Poland’s Wojciech Wyrebski led this final table group with a stack worth 40 big blinds, while Germany’s Hannes Neurauter was just behind him with 39bb. Segal sat in fifth place with 28bb.

Segal quickly surged to the front of the pack, though, by eliminating four out of the first five final table players. He also knocked out Askel Ayguen in third place after making a king-high straight.

Segal took a large lead into his heads-up match with Wojciech Wyrebski, holding 58.5 million chips to 16.2 million. Their matchup only lasted for two hands.

Wyrebski (A-Q) raised preflop, which convinced Segal (K-10) to shove. The board ran out 8-6-K-8-10, which gave Segal a pair and the victory.

2018 WSOP Europe COLOSSUS Final Table Results

1st. Tamir Segal (Israel) – €203,820, ($234,252)
2st. Wojciech Wyrebski (Poland) – €125,966, ($144,774)
3rd. Askel Ayguen (Belgium) – €92,385, ($106,179)
4th. Dariusz Glinski (Poland) – €68,331, ($78,533)
5th. Hannes Neurauter (Germany) – €51,854, ($59,596)
6th. Francesco Delfoco (Italy) – €38,349, ($44,075)
7th. Flavio Decataldo (Italy) – €29,104, ($33,449)
8th. Krasimir Yankov (Bulgaria) – €22,281, ($25,608)
9th. Björn Bouwmans (Belgium) – €17,209, ($19,778)
10th. Nelio Gatta (France) – €13,410, ($15,412)

2018 WSOP Europe Starts Next Week

Saturday, October 6th, 2018

The 2018 WSOP Europe is getting ready to launch next week.

This event, which is held at King’s Casino Rozvadov, will offer 10 gold bracelet events across a 20-day span.

Here’s more on what to expect when the 2018 World Series of Poker Europe kicks off at King’s Casino.

2018 WSOPE Will Offer €13M in Guaranteed Prizes

Last year was the first time that the WSOP Europe was held in Rozvadov, Czech Republic. The event drew 7,689 players and paid out €25 million over 11 bracelet events.

2018 will scale back by only offering €13 million in guaranteed money. Nevertheless, it should definitely be a huge event that draws numerous players.

King’s Casino owner Leon Tsoukernik discussed the upcoming event with the following:

“It was a dream to host WSOP Europe and I can’t wait to do it again.

“We hope everyone who came last year comes back for our warm hospitality and generous offerings, and for those who missed out, please join us for Europe’s biggest poker event of the year.”

2018 WSOP Europe Schedule

Here’s a closer look at the WSOPE schedule for this year:

Oct. 9: €550 COLOSSUS NLHE
Oct.14: €1,650 NLHE 6-Handed Deepstack
Oct. 15: €550 PLO 8-Handed
Oct. 17: €1,100 NLHE Turbo Bounty Hunter
Oct. 18: €1,100 MONSTER STACK NLHE
Oct. 21: €1,650 PLO/NLHE Mix
Oct. 22: €2,200 PLO 8-Handed
Oct. 24 €25,000 NLHE Super High Roller
Oct. 26: €100,000 NLHE King’s Super High Roller
Oct. 27: €10,350 WSOP Europe Main Event

The €10,350 Main Event will no doubt be the highlight of this extravaganza. Last year’s WSOPE Main Event attracted 529 players. It was won by Spain’s Marti Roca De Rottes, who took home €1,115,207 ($1,297,551).

More on King’s Casino Rozvadov

The WSOP Europe has moved around quite a bit. But it seems to have found a permanent home in Rozvadov.

Owner Leon Tsoukernik is a serious poker player who’s delighted to host this tournament series. He’s once again opened up Europe’s biggest poker room — which features 160 tables — to host the WSOPE.

Sam Tricket Reveals £30 Million Poker Fortune

Monday, September 17th, 2018

sam-tickett-pokerSam Trickett has seen plenty of ups and downs in poker. In fact, he’s seen enough downs to where his family and bank managers asked him to quit playing the game.

But the Brit ignored their advice much to his own advantage. He’s now £30 million richer as a result of his perseverance.

Trickett spoke with the DailyStar about his poker career, revealing both the high and low points of his career. He admits to losing as much as £1 million per day, which is why people asked him to stop playing.

“My dad was really anti-gambling at the time,” says Trickett.

“I went broke a couple of times and my bank manager sat me down and told me to stop. It was hard because I knew they’d be right in other situations.”

Why did Trickett Keep Playing?

Trickett listened to what those around him had to say regarding poker. And he even felt “nervous even when there are millions on the line.” But what kept him going through it all was the belief that he’s always had an edge.

“But I could see there was money to be made because poker is a skill game,” explains Trickett. “I knew in the long run I’d end up with money.

“I had to go against what everyone said, which did upset my family. It took a while before they understood.”

Balancing Poker and Life

It’s hard for Trickett to live a normal live. This is especially true when considering that he’s won as much as £7.6 million in a single day of playing cash games.

But these days, he’s found the perfect balance between playing high stakes poker and living a regular life. Furthermore, he’s now married and living well with all of his money.

“I’m married now too, which means I’m content. I guess I still don’t respect money as much as I should. I’m a sucker when it comes to material things.”

Borgata Files Motion Against Phil Ivey for $10.1m Payment

Monday, August 20th, 2018

phil-ivey-short-deckSix years ago, Phil Ivey won $9.6 million off the Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa through baccarat edge sorting. But the Borgata sued him in 2016 and won $10.1 million — including the $9.6 million in winnings, plus another $500k in comps.

Ivey has yet to repay the money, though, which has caused the Borgata to file a motion for payment. The court document cites that Ivey cashed four times at the 2018 WSOP for around $140,00, and that he’s more than capable delivering the $10.1 million.

Borgata Brings Up Ivey’s Lavish Lifestyle

Phil Ivey has always had a taste for the finer things in life ever since becoming an elite poker pro. Attorneys for the Borgata have brought this up in their motion, which notes that Ivey’s extravagant lifestyle proves he can make payment.

“This case is about money, nothing more and nothing less,” the Borgata’s documents state. “Ivey already has Borgata’s $10 million and he is clearly not in danger of going out of business.

“Defendants did not and cannot demonstrate irreparable harm as a matter of law. They are not entitled to a stay pending appeal.”

Ivey’s Attorneys Argue that Paying the Borgata would Cripple Him

ivey-borgata-lawsuitLawyers for Ivey have countered with the argument that he can’t pay the full $10.1 million, because it would devastate his livelihood. Their court documents explain that Ivey relies on a large bankroll to make money from poker. And paying such a significant chunk of money would have a “devastating impact” on his job.

These attorneys have been asking for an extension on payment ever since the case ended in 2016. They cite how the Borgata makes over $800 million in annual revenue and doesn’t need the $10.1 million right away.

Brief History of Ivey vs. Borgata

Ivey originally won $9.6 million from the Borgata with the help of an accomplice named Cheung Yin “Kelly” Sun. They used a technique called edge sorting, where one identifies flaws on card backs to guess the values.

The Borgata originally paid Ivey. But they later sued to recoup the money after citing that Ivey and Sun “cheated.” A New Jersey judge sided with the casino, noting that Ivey/Sun made odds requests like having the cards rotated 180 degrees (makes edge sorting easier) and that a (flawed) Gemaco purple deck be used for the entire game.

Tom Dwan Says Staredowns are a Problem with Poker Tournaments

Friday, August 3rd, 2018

tom-dwan-poker-staredownsTom Dwan doesn’t play a lot of poker tournaments these days. But when he does, he’d prefer that you didn’t stare him down every hand.

Dwan was recently at the 2018 Triton Super High Roller Series, where he spoke about what he perceives as the biggest problem with poker tournaments.

“The few tournaments I’ve played lately, even when I played Bellagio this summer…people have just taken the staring at you to a whole new level. Taking a long time on every hand.”

He added, “And I know I did some of that on High Stakes Poker. But I would do it when there were like 100 big blinds in the pot. And I was thinking about bluffing almost every time.”

Dwan Thinks Most Poker Tournaments aren’t Fun Anymore

The staredowns have gotten so bad to the point where Dwan no longer enjoys playing in poker tournaments.

“Now, I think people are taking it to an extreme, and it’s just kind of not that fun, not that sporting.”

Dwan also told PokerNews that he thinks the atmosphere of the tourney plays a big role into the lengthy staredowns.

“I think it kind of reflects in the makeup of the tournament,” he explained. “A lot of the people playing, you get less recreational players. And here [Triton High Roller Series], you get way more.”

Dwan Says Poker Needs to Remain a Game – Not a Sport

Dwan ended his interview by discussing his views on how poker should be treated like a fun game. This goes against a movement over previous years to “sportify” poker.

“Poker to me was always more of a game than a sport,” he said. “You know, this idea of trying to sportify it.

“Sports are when people run for miles or play football or something. And I thought it [poker] should be a more friendly atmosphere, and I think Triton’s doing that.”

You can check out everything Dwan had to say about the state of poker tournaments below.

Chris Moorman Now Has $15m in Online Poker MTT Winnings

Wednesday, July 18th, 2018

chris-moorman-15-million-online-pokerChris Moorman has been the all-time leader in online poker tournament winnings for a long time. But he recently outdid even himself by becoming the first player to pass $15 million in online MTT earnings.

The Brit, who currently lives in Las Vegas now, reached this milestone after winning the $25,000 Weekly Sunday event for a $16,929 cash.

Following his victory, Moorman tweeted: “Just won the @WSOPcom $500 6 max to eclipse $15 million in online cashes. Nice way to close out the summer grind @888poker #grindonthemind #6maxlax #888poker.”

From Recreational Player to World Champion

Moorman has won more online poker Triple Crowns than anybody else at 26. And he easily has the most MTT winnings out of any player. All of this is quite impressive when considering where he started.

The 33-year-old recently explained how he didn’t know anything about poker in the beginning. But he continued working on his game and improving to the point where he became a professional.

“I met a couple of players who coached me and gave me tips,” he told Essex Live. “I also read and researched a lot on the game so I could get better.”

Great News for Moorman’s Sponsor

Moorman recently signed a deal with 888poker to serve as one of their ambassadors. And it’s hard finding anybody better to represent your online poker brand than Moorman.

He’s continued his winning ways and has proven himself more accomplished than any other internet tournament player. That said, it’ll be interesting to see what he does from here on out.

Moorman recently took part in the 2018 WSOP and cashed in nine different events. He didn’t have any near wins, but he boosted his live winnings over $5.6 million. The live arena is another place where he continues adding to his tournament earnings total.