Finding your Comfort Zone in Poker

One of the biggest debates in regard to poker strategy is whether to adopt a tight or aggressive style. Now successful players always advocate adopting what works best in the situation; for instance, on a table full of maniacs, playing tight and waiting for good hands works well.

However, each individual player tends to lean one way or another before observations tell them otherwise. This being said, it can be a little difficult as a beginner player when it comes to knowing what way to go.

No Easy Solution

Unfortunately, the answer is not an easy one, and it will require some experience on your part. The reason why is because some poker players are naturally more comfortable with playing tight while others like to force action because they don’t enjoy waiting around. Both playing styles can be effective, provided one has a strong knowledge of poker strategy.

Long story short, the style you typically employ mainly depends upon what you’re most comfortable with. Of course, when you do find a comfort zone, it’s not like you’re going to say, “I am a tight player and will always be this way.” As mentioned before, good players make changes based on their observations from individual players and the overall table dynamic.

Keep improving

Taking this point into account, your standard style of play won’t have as much overall effect on your online poker profits as does having a deep knowledge of strategy. The more time you spend on continually improving in poker, the more likely you are to be successful. And sure this is easier said than done, but it’s what the best players do to improve and make money.

So to rehash this discussion, use the playing style that you’re most comfortable with in online poker, keep trying to get better away from the tables, and adapt to what the table dynamic presents.

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